Movie Review: For Your Consideration (2006)

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Comedy

Marilyn Hack (Catherine O’Hara) Victor Alan Miller (Harry Shearer) Callie Webb (Parker Posey) and Brian Chubb (Christopher Moynihan )  are all actors in a small movie production called “Home For Purim” Marilyn and Victor are older actors and this is their last shot at fame before fading into obscurity.  One day Marilyn’s agent, Corey Taft (John Michael Higgins) hears that somebody’s made a comment saying that Marilyn deserves an Oscar.  Cory books Marilyn on a Los Angeles news show, where the anchor says Victor deserves an Oscar.  Finally, studio head Martin Gibb (Ricky Gervais) reads in Variety that Callie is getting Oscar buzz as well.   Marin also, suggests a title change to “Home For Thanksgiving “because “Home for Purim” sounds too Jewish. The publicity snowball starts to roll, and soon entertainment reporters, Chuck (Fred Williard) and Cindy (Jane Lynch) are shamelessly predicting Oscar wins for the three actors.  The results of the publicity are immediate, Marilyn has bad plastic surgery, Victor frosts his hair and goes on an MTV type show called “Chillaxin’” and Callie breaks up with Brian. Does the Oscar buzz actually translate to Oscar wins for any of the three actors?

This is a very funny movie, by the same people who made “Spinal Tap” “Best In Show ,“ “A Mighty Wind,” and “Waiting for Guffman.”  Having seen all four of these movies, and loving “Spinal Tap and Best In Show, and not being crazy about A Mighty Wind , or Waiting For Guffman I didn’t know what to expect, But  Hollywood is ripe for satire, and no one does satirical documentaries better than Chris Guest and Eugene Levy.  Not only are the “stars” of the movie pompous and self-important, who become more pretentious with a little fame, the people covering the stars think they are important too. Guest, Levy, Michael McKean,  Catherine O’Hara and Harry Shearer lay down a nice foundation, but Fred Willard and Jane Lynch steal this movie, as  Mary Hart and John Tesh types.  Fred Willard actually sports a blond Mohawk in this movie, while Lynch has a Mary Hart wig, and Hart’s trademark perkiness.  O’Hara is funny as usual, and not afraid to look ugly to get a laugh.  Hollywood, MTV, movie reviewers, even Charlie Rose gets barbs thrown at them here, and it’s all very funny. I didn’t expect the laughs to be as many and hearty as they were, but this is a very funny movie.

For Your Consideration.  Consider it hilarious.


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