Movie Review: Hanna (2011)

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Drama



Erik (Eric Bana) is a rogue CIA agent who is training a teenage girl named Hanna (Saorise Roman) for a combat mission.  When Hanna is ready, Erik tells Hanna to meet him in Germany .  The CIA, specifically an agent named Marissa, (Cate Blanchett) wants to recover Hanna and kill Erik, so she sends out a henchman named Issacs (Tom Hollander) to find Hanna.  Hanna finds herself in England, and hitchhikes her way through first Morocco, and then Spain with a British family.  Hanna befriends the British family’s daughter Sophie (Jessica Barden) but she can’t really tell Sophie about what is going on with her life.  Hanna kills a bunch of CIA goons out of self-preservation, but does she make it to meet Erik in Germany?  Or does Marissa and  her hired guns make it to Hanna first.

OK, the likelihood of a teenaged female CIA trained killer is unlikely at best, but the training sequences and subsequent action sequences are so well done, that a teenaged female CIA assassin seems entirely plausible.  What I liked most about this movie was that it was part badass action flick, and part coming of age movie.  While she is cold-bloodedly killing every CIA operative from Marrakesh to Munich , she is also catching up on how to be a teenager, talking to the motor-mouthed, trash-talking Sophie. Hanna goes out on a date with Sophie and two Spanish boys and almost has her first kiss.  Almost.  The acting is better than the bare-bones story deserves.  Bana is a serviceable action hero type.  Cate Blanchett is incredibly good at playing a villain, but her Southern accent Is horrendously bad.  But the star of this movie is Saorise Roman, she plays a wide-eyed innocent and a cold-blooded killer, both with equal aplomb.  Her performance makes a very ordinary movie extraordinary,  Of course it’s derivative of movies like the Bourne series and Salt, but it is also very well made. Very good direction makes a 2 hour length go by in lightning speed.  One really outstanding action sequence takes place in a loading dock/warehouse.  It is absolutely breathtaking

This Hanna has nothing to do with Montana.


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