Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Drama

lincoln lawyer


Mick Haller (Matthew Mc Conaughey) is a sleazy lawyer, he’s currently working on a biker gang’s marijuana growing case.  A friend named Val, (John Leguizamo) recommends a case to Mick, involving a rich guy named Louis Roulet, (Ryan Phillippe) accused of raping and abusing a prostitute. Mick takes the case, Louis contends he’s innocent and being set up by a gold digging prostitute named Reggie Campo  (Margarita Leviva) But as Mick’s investigator, Frank Levin (William H. Macy) digs, he finds inconsistencies with Louis’ story. Mick also finds similarities between Louis’ case and an earlier case involving a past client Jesus Martinez (Michael Pena) which Mick finds troubling.  Does Mick continue to defend Louis despite his doubts? Is Louis innocent of the charges against him?

This is a preposterous movie.  It gives up the suspense of the central question of the client’s guilt or innocence about an hour into the film and then becomes mundane and pedantic.  Why should the audience continue to watch the movie if it already knows the answer to the most intriguing question in the movie?  The rest of the movie does not provide an adequate answer to that question. The last 10 minutes of the movie are laughable, and involve gang fights and gunplay.  Matthew McConaughey seems to revel in the sleaziness of his limousine driving ambulance chaser character, instead he should be lamenting the stunning lack of depth in the story and characters.  The characters are about an inch deep, and the lack of depth makes me care less about these people and the story.  The relationship between Mick and his chauffer is downright insulting and condescending.  Mick’s relationship with his wife is at once antagonistic and at the same time sexually charged, and therefore unrealistic, if they had that good a relationship, they would still be married. William H. Macy picked a scruffy disheveled look, and seems glad to be out of this movie early.  I wish I could have joined him

The Lincoln Lawyer:  More like the stinkin lawyer.


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