Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine (John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Chevy Chase) 2010

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Comedy

hot tub time machine


Adam (John Cusack) has hit the bottom of the barrel, his latest girlfriend has moved out, his nephew Jacob who doesn’t know who his father is, (Clark Duke) is living in Adam’s basement playing a role playing video game, and Adam doesn’t see his old friends anymore.  Adam is shocked when he hears that his best friend in high school Lou (Rob Corddry) tried to commit suicide.  Adam takes another friend, Nick, (Craig Robinson) to see Lou at the hospital.  Nick’s problem is he’s lost his identity, and caves in to his wife on every decision. He’s even hyphenated his name. Adam and Nick decide to check Lou out of the hospital, and take Lou and Jacob to an old ski lodge where they had fun in the 80’s.  The old ski lodge isn’t what it used to be, but the hot tub malfunctions, when a Russian energy drink Chernoblski is poured on the electronics, and the hot tub turns into a time machine, which transport the four back to 1986.

The three need to do everything they did in that weekend in 1986, so that Jacob can still exist when they fix the hot tub and go back to 2010.  Adam needs to break up with his old girlfriend, Jenny. (Lindesy Fonseca)  Lou needs to get beaten up by the head of the ski patrol, who think the four are Russian spies and Nick needs to find his real identity.  Things get complicated when Adam realizes he may not want to break up with Jenny, and he meets a new girl, April, (Lizzy Caplan) who he didn’t know in 1986.  Things get even more complicated when Lou finds himself attracted to Adam’s sister and Jacob’s mother, Kelly.  (Collete Wolfe )  Will Adam break up with Jenny, will he spend time with April?  Will Lou finally get to beat up Blaine?  Will Nick ever find his true identity? Will the four fix the time machine and get back to 2010?

I must be getting soft in the head in my old age.  I seem to like every movie I see lately, and I really liked Hot Tub Time Machine.  Sure it borrowed a lot from Back to the Future, the whole space time continuum concept, it even had Crispin Glover from Back to the Future in a running gag as an homage to that film.  But above all the jokes are funny, although some cross the line into gross out humor.  The music is great, pure 80’s MTV classics, and that adds to the pleasant experience of the movie.  Cusack knows this territory well having been in his fair share of 80’s teen movies, 16 Candlles, the Sure Thing, Better off Dead, Say Anything, all of which are really good movies.  Cusack has a gift for comedy, which I had forgotten, as kind of a straight man surrounded by crazy situations.  Corddry plays an 80’s movie archetype, if I may use that literary term, the wild and crazy guy, who will do anything once, and have no regrets.  Clark Duke also plays an 80’s archetype the nerdy kid, who usually loses his virginity in the 80’s movies.  Chevy Chase is annoying as the hot tub repair man, but he’s always kind of annoying. Be warned there is some nudity and lots of bad language, but it is funnier than The Hangover, a lot funnier.  Kudos go to Cusack for producing and starring in another funny 80’s teen movie, this time in 2010.

Hot Tub Time Machine.  The time of my life.


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