Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Comedy

how to train your dragon


Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is a young Viking living on the island of Berk.  Berk is besieged by dragons, who swoop down and steal the townsfolk’s sheep.  Hiccup is not necessarily keen on fighting dragons, but he builds a contraption and shoots one down.  No one believes that Hiccup shot a dragon, because Hiccup is a scrawny runt, unlike his father, the big barrel-chested Stoic. (Gerard Butler)  Sure enough Hiccup did shoot down a dragon, the rarest of all dragons, the Night Fury.  Hiccup decides not to kill the Night Fury and the dragon decides not to kill Hiccup, and the two form a bond like a boy and his dog, Hiccup even names the dragon Toothless.  In turn, Toothless trains Hiccup to treat dragons with love and respect Toothless takes Hiccup on rides, with the girl of his dreams Astrid, (America Ferrara) Soon Toothless takes Hiccup to a secret cave where a huge and deadly dragon lives.  Does Hiccup kill the deadly dragon and win the respect of his father?

I did not like this movie.  The animation of the scenery is beautiful; the character animation could have been drawn better by a five year old. The story is trite and perfuctory, like an episode of Lassie, and the voice characterizations are bland and run of the mill. Jay Baruchel has all the liveliness of a wet dish rag, Gerard Butler, America Ferrara and Colin Ferguson try mightily to infuse some life into their characters, but there is nothing new or interesting that this movie has to say.  Treating scary monsters with care? Shrek explored that theme with a lot more heart and humor than this movie ever does.  As if the primary characters weren’t bad enough, the story is so muddled, that the secondary characters never distinguish themselves.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in this movie, he’s a pretty good character actor, but his character is absolutely forgettable.  Finally, Vikings are Scandinavian, the two main actors are Scottish, there is nary a Swedish accent to be found anywhere.  Kids watching this movie will think Vikings sound like the Lucky Charms guy.  The mis-education of America’s youth continues   After watching animated masterpieces like Toy Story 3, and Despicable Me this year, How to Train Your Dragon is a big letdown.

How To Train Your Dragon:  Drags on and on and on…


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