Movie Review: Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page (2010)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Drama
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Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a corporate spy, he steals secrets from one company and sell them to another company.  But  this is not your average corporate espionage, because Cobb possesses an extraordinary skill, he can enter people’s dreams and steal their ideas.  After a failed attempt to obtain expansion secrets from a Japanese CEO named Saito,(Ken Wattanabe) Saito decides to spare Cobb’s life, if Cobb agrees to spy on the heir of a financial rival named  Robert Fischer Jr, (Cillian Murphy) This time, instead of stealing an idea, Cobb must implant an idea into Fischer’s subconscious, namely the idea that Fischer should break up his father’s company and forgo his own inheritance.

Cobb needs an architect to build a credible dream to make Fisher believe that giving up his inheritance and breaking up his company was his own idea.  Cobb used to be an architect of such dreams, but he is suspected of killing his wife Mal ( Marion Cortillard) and is tortured by thoughts of her death. Cobb uses the skills of a talented young dream architect named Ariadne (Ellen Page dig three levels into Fischer’s subconscious to implant the thought, but as Cobb digs deeper into Fischer’s subconscious, he delves deeper into his own troubled memories of his wife.. Does Cobb implant the idea in Fischer’s mind?Is his world real or a dream? Does Cobb win his freedom?

This is a very original story written by Christopher Nolan, who has written the Dark Knight and Memento, it is at best a Freudian psychological thriller.  Did he kill his wife?  Or are his dreams blurring his ability to tell reality from fiction?  This movie is reminiscent of the Matrix, in that there are two realities, the real world and the dream world, which world is real and which is dream?  The answer becomes ever fuzzier.  If I have a quibble with this movie, and it is a quibble because it is a wonderfully creative film, the quibble is that the dreams are too linear and logical and do not have the irrational quality of most dreams.  DiCaprio is scintillating as a man walking a tightrope between sanity and insanity.  The pain and loss he feels about his wife is palpable.  Cortillard is visually and emotionally stunning, the chemistry between her and DiCaprio is unmistakable, they light up the screen when they’re in the same scenes together.  The casting of Ellen Page was questionable, but even she fits in after a while.  DiCaprio was also aided by a strong supporting performance by Joseph Gordon Levitt, as DiCaprio’s assistant Arthur. Inception is a superbly thought provoking original, creative film.

Inception.  Don’t sleep on this movie.


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