Movie Review: Knight and Day (2010)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy
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Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) and June Havens (Cameron Diaz) are boarding the same plane, initially Roy is able to board and June is not.  They eventually do board and by the time June gets back from powdering her nose, Roy has killed all the people on the plane, including the pilots, no worries, Roy lands the plane in a nearby corn field.  June learns from Roy’s former FBI  boss  named Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) that Roy is a rogue agent who has stolen a perpetually renewing battery, and is planning to sell it to the highest bidder.  Roy says he is trying to keep the battery from Fitzgerald and protect the battery’s inventor, Simon Feck (Paul Dano) June follows Roy from Boston to Spain in order to decipher who is telling the truh, Roy or Fitzgerald.  Is Roy a rogue agent, or is he simply trying to protect the battery and its inventor?

This is a dumb movie, and just another excuse for Tom Cruise to run around and act like he’s saving the world.  He’s not even saving his career with this movie.  I knew immediately who the hero was and who the villains were, it didn’t take rocket science to figure that out.  The writers are so intent to have Cruise and Diaz stay together throughout the movie that they make Diaz ex a lame-brained fireman who’s in one scene, gets shot by Cruise, and is forgotten for the rest of the movie.  Needless to say Cruise and Diaz’s acting skills don’t carry this movie.  Cruise’s half-smile, half-sneer expression doesn’t work anymore, and his boyish good looks seem to be leaving him.  Diaz has had one standout performance in her career in Being John Malkovich, plays the ditzy blonde damsel in distress here.  If Goldie Hawn were younger she would be playing this role.  And Diaz is supposed to be a car expert in this movie, sure…I bet she doesn’t know a camshaft from a carburetor.  Whatever chemistry the two had in Vanilla Sky left them both.  Both stars needed a hit, and this sure wasn’t it.

Knight and Day A Knight to forget.


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