Movie Review Ladron que roba a ladron (2007)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy


Emilio (Miguel Varoni) is a professional thief.  His plan is to rob the vault of infomercial king and snake-oil salesman Moctesuma Valdez.(Saul Lisazo)  He has a partner, Alejandro (Fernando Colunga) Alejandro brings in a crew to put the plan into action.  Alejandro is softening up Valdez’ nanny Gloria (Julie Gonzalo) Miguelito (Oscar Torre) is supposed to start a workers strike so the other member of the robbery team can get inside the Valdez mansion. Anival (Gabriel Soto) is digging a tunnel inside the mansion to get to the vault, while pretending to fix the air conditioning, and the team is also planning to get the spare key card to the vault from Primativo (Richard Azulia) Valdez’ accountant.  Rafaela (Ivonne Montero) is making a compartment inside a limousine to store the money, and Rafa, (Ruben Garfias) Rafaela’s father is the driver.  The robbers plan to pull off their plan at a party that Valdez is throwing.  Will their elaborate plan to rob Moctezuma Valdez actually work?

This is a great movie, funny, fast paced with a simple plot.  The acting is great.  The standout acting is done by Oscar Torre as an actor who’s trying to get migrants to unionize and then strike, and Ivonne Montero as the tough as nails Rafaella, who’d rather fix a transmission than wear an evening gown.  The performance by Saul Lizaso is outstanding as well as a heartless informercial king, who sells worthless junk to desperate people for big money.  He’s just in it for the money, Valdez has no conscience, a great performance.  Miguel Varoni and Fernando Calunga are very good as suave members of the gang who want to rob Valdez.  This is the movie Guy Ritchie wishes he could make, no bullets, no blood,  but lots of brains.

Steal away a couple hours and watch.


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