Movie Review: Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight, Daniel Craig) 2001

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Drama

Lara  Croft  (Angelina Jolie) is the daughter of Lord Richard Croft (Jon  Voight) but she is no ordinary aristocrat.  True, she has a large house and a butler, but Laura is an archeologist, and she trains using both gymnastics and a robot.  Richard Croft was lost on an archeological dig years before.  Laura hears of a legend of a stone triangle of light.The triangle of light has been split in two. Laura first needs to find a clock with an all seeing eye, which is in her mansion. The clock will tell Lara where both pieces of the   triangle are.  When all the planets have aligned, the person who possesses the stone triangle has the ability to travel through time.  Of course, a device so powerful also inspires evil, power hungry people to try to make the device their own.  One of the people searching for the stone triangle is Manfred Powell (Ian Glen) Manfred just wants all the power that such a device would bring.  Alex West (Daniel Craig) is an unscrupulous archeologist, who has aligned himself with Powell, to find the stone triangle.  Lara and Manfred race to Cambodia and Siberia to find the pieces of the stone triangle.  Who finds the stone triangle first?  Does the person who finds the triangle first put the pieces together correctly and travel through time?

OK this isn’t Shakespeare, it’s a movie based on a video game character, and the story is barely intelligible, but the difference here is Jolie.  She imbues the character with a refined British accent, and a cool almost distant persona.  Jolie is the only huge Hollywood female star who is believable as an action star.  When she punches a bad guy, or jumps from floor to ceiling, she is absolutely credible.  I know Julia Roberts couldn’t have done this movie, neither could Reese Witherspoon.  Jolie is a rare combination of acting skills, and action hero chops.  And Jolie more than does justice to Lara Croft’s requisite tank top and short shorts. Voight does his usual prodigious overacting, which has been abundantly evident since his classic roles in Midnight Cowboy and The Champ.  It’s also humorous to see Daniel Craig, BB, before Bond.  He absolutely butchers an American accent, it’s terrible.  This was a warm-up to see Salt, Jolie’s latest action flick, which I’ve heard good things about.  We shall see.

Tomb Raider:  Would be DOA without Jolie.


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