Movie Review: Leap Year: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, John Lithgow) 2010

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy, Romance

leap year

Anna(Amy Adams)  thinks her cardiologist boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) is about to propose to her.  He doesn’t.  Anna’s father Jack (John Lithgow) tells Anna of an Irish tradition where in a leap year, the woman can propose to the man.  Before anyone can say “Luck of the Irish,” Anna’s on a plane to Dublin to meet Jeremy who’s already in Dublin on business.  Unfortunately, the plane doesn’t land in Dublin, Anna ends up in a small town called Dingle.  She wants a cab to Dublin, the cab driver Declan (Matthew Goode)reluctantly  agrees to take her  to Dublin, only after Anna damages his inn and causes a power outage.

Anna wrecks Declan’s car, and Declan, in turn causes Anna to miss a train to Dublin.  Declan saves Anna from a bunch of petty thieves, and she starts to trust him.  The two land in another inn, where Declan agrees to cook coc-au-vin, and Anna and Declan start to become closer.  The two shares a kiss at the inn, because the guests think the two are married.  Anna and Declan go from the inn to crashing a wedding, where Declan shows his cynical side about marriage.  As it turns out, Declan has had his heart broken by a girl in Dublin who ran off with another man and keeps his mother’s ring, which explains his cynicism.  The pair finally makes it to Dublin, where Anna meets Jeremy.  So who does se decide to spend her life with?  Jeremy?  Who she has less and less in common with, or Declan, who she fights with, but also has fun with.

I like this movie.  I don’t know why the critics savaged this movie.  Sure it’s predicable and formulaic, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who Anna ends up with, but it’s still fun getting to the conclusion. It’s a road trip kind of movie, and I have a weakness for road movies.  Amy Adams is delightful.  She is luminous, even in this movie, her smile lights up the whole screen and you just want to follow her wherever she goes, at least I did.  Goode is a low rent Irish Gerard Butler, but he and Adams have some chemistry together.  It’s just a fun movie.  Don’t overanalyze.  Just enjoy.

Leap Year.  Jump in.


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