Movie Review: Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Drama

Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a salesman with a way with the ladies.  His amorous exploits get him fired from his job as a salesman in an electronics store, so he becomes a sales representative for Pfizer, and he uses any advantage he can to get his samples on the doctor’s shelves, including sleeping with Cindy,( Judy Greer) the receptionist   of Dr. Knight  (Hank Azaria)  If Jaime can sell to Dr. Green, he can go to the drug representative convention in Chicago.  Jaime has to convince Dr. Knight to switch sales representatives, and leave his old sales rep Trey Hannigan. (Gabriel Macht)  To influence Dr Knight, Jamie starts to date Maggie Murdoch( Anne Hathaway), one of Dr. Knight’s patients, who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  At first, the relationship between Jaime and Maggie is purely physical, but then Jamie starts to fall in love with Maggie.  Maggie is cautious, because she knows that she doesn’t have long to live, and she actually got burned in a relationship with Trey, who is married?  Do Jamie and Maggie stay together?  Is there any way to improve Maggie’s condition?

I derided the movie Hereafter for it’s attempt to shamelessly manipulate the audience’s emotions, I will do the same for for this movie.  We’re all supposed to buy into this romance because the female lead is dying of an incurable disease, so we’ve gone from the Freak of the Week  in Hereafter , and it’s disease of the week in Love and Other Drugs.  If the point of this movie is to make a weepy romance,like Love Story,  this movie fails miserably. The problem is, it’s not written well, neither Jamie or Maggie seem very likeable, even after Jamie professes his love for Maggie, he still seems to be chasing money and sleeping with women.  Maggie is worse, she is dying, and so that gives her an excuse to treat everyone like dirt.  And there are all these characters in this movie that are vain, superficial, and kind of a joke.  Dr. Knight seems to be interested in money and women as is Trey as is Josh, Jamie’s dumb as a stump younger brother, who miraculously owns an internet startup company.  Gyllenhall is obviously trying to break out of his clean cut boy-next door image, but I don’t think this will do it.  Similarly Anne Hathaway tries to break from her good girl Princess Diaries image, but she is so hard-hearted and sex-starved, it’s hard to feel anything for her. Who can take Hank Azaria seriously as a doctor?  Please. One more thing, the product placement for Pfizer and the other drug companies is obscene, at times this movie is nothing more than a glossy ad for the pharmaceutical industry.  Disgusting.  The nudity is also distracting, not a necessity for this movie at all.

Love and Other Drugs. Just Say No.


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