Movie Review: Morning Glory (2010)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy

Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is a perky morning news producer who gets fired from a local New Jersey morning show because of budget cuts.  Soon, Becky is hired by IBS station manager Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum) to  improve the sagging ratings on the IBS network’s  morning show Daybreak.  The first thing Becky does is fire incorrigible anchor Paul McVee (Ty Burrell) and replacing him with newsman Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) Mike is a respected newsman who was let go from the evening news, but is still under contract to IBS news.  Becky forces Mike to do Daybreak with seasoned morning anchor Coleen Peck.  (Diane Keaton)  Colleen and Mike son’ like each other and the ratings plummet further. Jerry gives her six weeks to get the ratings up or the whole show will be cancelled and replaced with soap operas.  Becky does everything to get the ratings up, including sending weatherman Ernie Appleby (Mike Malloy) skydiving or trying to ride the latest rollercoaster.  Colleen joins in the spirit and dresses as a sumo wrestler to spike the ratings.  Mike is working on a hard news story involving the Governor, will that push the ratings over the top? Will Becky air the story?

This movie has been done before. Call it the Mary Tyler Moore Show meets Broadcast News.  This movie has it’s funny moments, but it’s all reminiscent of the seminal tv show from the 1970’s.  McAdams plays the Mary Tyler Moore role, the spunky, young news producer telling the cranky curmudgeon how to do a morning news show.  McAdams isn’t bad as the spunky innocent there are even some funny jokes, but I’m tired of seeing Harrison Ford as a cranky old fussbudget.  He’s done it in 6 Days, 7 Nights, He did it in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull to no great effect, except possibly ruining his reputation as a swashbuckling leading man. And Diane Keaton has made too many of these formulaic comedies, Something’s Gotta Give, Mad Money, Because I Said So, and now this movie.  She was funny in this film, but I’m seeing the same role from her too often, besides she’ll never do anything funnier than Annie Hall.  This movie tries to be serious and funny at the same time and I don’t think I like where it ended up on the issue of hard news versus entertainment.  Finally, the story is way too predictable, everyone knows how this will end.

Morning Glory.  Never grew on me.


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