Movie Review: My Soul To Take (2010)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Drama

Abel (Raul Esparza) is a man who is either schizophrenic or his soul is possessed by a serial killer.  Whatever the case, Abel kills his wife and tries to kill his unborn son, and is shot dead by police.  The evil spirit vows revenge on everyone present that day.  Seven kids were born on the day that Abel died, including his son Bug Max Theriot) Bug’s best friend Alex(John Magaro) a religious girl Penelope (Zena Grey) the school jock, Brandon, (Nick Lashaway) the girl Bug has the hots for Brittany (Paulina Olsynski) the token Asian Jay (Jeremy Chu) and the token black guy Jerome (Denzel Whittacker)  Sixteen years later they all celebrate Ripper Day, the day Abel was shot. They all share a bond, because they were born on the day Abel , by now nicknamed the Ripper died, but the jock still bullies Bug and the other five people he shares a birthday with , but they all walk on eggshells around Bug, because there are rumors that he was institutionalized and that he actually killed people.  So the seven start dropping like flies, who’s killing the teens?  Is it the crazed killer Abel?  Is it the malevolent soul of a serial killer? Or is it poor innocent Bug?

This is not a good movie.  The part about the serial killer is never fully fleshed out, how did he jump into Abel’s body, shouldn’t the soul be put to rest after Abel ‘s shot?  Most of these teen characters are paper thin, the jock is a bully, the Asian guy has one scene and is slasher fodder, the black guy lasts until the last few scenes, and then becomes slaher fodder, that’s why I called them tokens, their characters had zero depth, and were thrown in as some kind of bow to changing demographics.  There were interesting characters, that were ignored. Penelope was someone writer/director Wes Craven could have developed.  He’s talking about souls and possession, for crying out loud, who better than a faithful Christian to help Bug slay a soul possessed by a serial killer?  But poor Penelope was a bloody mess soon after Jay. You’d think Craven would save at least Brittany, so Bug could have a love interest to protect, but Brittany bites the dust too.  All of this bloodletting is especially disappointing when one realizes that Craven developed one of the moat iconic horror characters in recent movie history Freddy Krueger. Now there was a character with some depth. Freddy killed people in their dreams, in ironic ways, there’s nothing ironic about getting gutted by a knife, time after time after time. The most damning thing about this movie is that it was not scary, not in the least. In fact, it was laughable.

My Soul to Take.  Take this movie away , far away.


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