Movie Review: Mystery Team (2009)

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy

Jason (Donald Glover) Duncan (DC Pierson)  and Charlie (Dominic Dierkes) gained renown in their hometown as childhood detectives.  All three are 18, and still have not given up on the detective business, except they don’t get many cases anymore.  When a little girl named Briana (Daphne Ciccarelle) asks them to solve the murder of her parents, the Mystery Team takes the case, even though they’ve never solved a murder before.  The Mystery Team is given a lead by their friend Jordy (Bobby Moynahan)  to  question a hobo.  The hobo gives them a coupon from a bowling alley, the bowling alley coupon leads them to Leroy, (Peter Saati)  a drug dealer.  The boys dress up as college students to buy drugs from Leroy, but after Leroy blows their cover, and shoots at Jason, Duncan and Charlie, Duncan and Charlie want to quit the case and go t college, but Jason wants to solve the case, and regain some of the fame he had a childhood detective.  Does the Mystery Team stay together long enough to solve the murder?  Is Leroy involved?  Or is it someone else?

This movie reminds me of a mix of Revenge of the  Nerds and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  This movie features three nerds stuck in some kind of arrested development, acting like seven year olds oblivious to the world around them.  But Revenge of the Nerds and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure were fully formed ideas with a substantial plot.  Mystery Team seems like half a good movie that gets redundant, when the jokes run out.  Donald Glover seems to carry this movie, which is why the movie seems to run out of steam, the other characters needed more to do other than being sidekicks, they were underutilized.  There is a clunky romance between Jason and Kelly Briana’s sister that never takes off and slows the comedy down to a crawl.  The acting and comedy are intentionally broad , and that wears thin too after a while.  Its length also works against this movie, it clocks in at an hour and 45 minutes and it runs out of material long before that.  Not for kids, the R rating is for nudity and language.  There is plenty of both.

Mystery Team.  The Mystery is where did the laughs go during the second half of the film?


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