Movie Review: OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Comedy

French secret agent Hubert Bonniseur de la Bath, AKA OSS 117 (Jean Dujardin) is back on another mission.  This time he has to retrieve a list of French collaborators from a Nazi officer named Von Zimmel  (Rudiger Vogel) who currently resides in Brazil.  This time Hubert enlists the help of a female Mosad agent named Delores (Louise Monot) and a foul  mouthed  CIA agent named Trumendous (Ken Samuels)  They hope to find Von Himmel through his son Heinrich, who is currently living as a hippie in Brazil.  Will they find Von Himmel and the list of Nazi collaborators?  Or will Hubert and Delores fall into a trap?

The first OSS 117 movie was so good that it set the bar really high for this one, and like most sequels, this movie suffers in comparison to the original.  Dujardin, with his deadpan delivery, plays it straight, and he’s great as the clueless OSS 117.  But this time the script seems to concentrate on his anti-Semitism, racism, and misogyny a lot more than the original, and that leads to a lot of uncomfortable humor. The supporting cast is not as funny as in the first movie.  Louise Monot is ok, but not as funny as the women in the first film, the ugly American is an old European stereotype, cursing with every other word. The Nazis were the movie Nazis from every other movie ever made featuring Nazis , although it was a humorous ironic twist to hear Von Himmel do the “If you cut us do we not bleed” soliloquy from the Merchant of Venice.  But most unforgivable there were huge stretches of this movie that was just not funny.  If you really want to laugh, rent the first movie OSS 117, Cairo:  Nest of Spies.

OSS 117:  Lost in Rio.  Looking  for its funny bone.


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