Movie Review: Run Lola Run (1999)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Drama

The quiet of Lola’s (Franka Potente)  day has been shattered by a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) Manni is a courier for a small time drug dealer named Ronnie. (Heno Ferch)  Manni just participated in his first drug deal, and the deal went wrong.  Mani lost 100,000 marks to a bum on the train and now he has to figure out how to pay Ronnie back before noon, which is only 20 minutes away or face some dire consequences.  He wants to rob a supermarket, but Lola has a better idea, she will go visit her rich dad (Herbert Knaup) and ask for a loan, but she has to run because someone stole her moped.  Will Lola get the money?  Will she make it to Manni in time?

This is a great German movie. This movie is packed to the brim breathless non-stop action and three different endings.  The one story is told from three different perspectives, it’s three vignettes, that all have the same basic plotline, but differ in little interesting stylistic ways, and in major substantial  ways as well.  In case the frenetic running doesn’t grab you, the little artistic touches will, sometimes Lola is shown running as a cartoon, fully animated.    Sometimes when Lola passes someone on the street, we see that person’s whole life unfold  in a series of snapshots.  It doesn’t seem like much, but these cinematic flourishes add a lot to a movie already bursting with frenzied action.  Franka Potente is the lynchpin of this movie and she does a fantastic job, as the frantic Lola, circumstances might knock her down, but she gets up, and keeps right on charging. She really is devoted to Mani.  Potente was also very good in the first Bourne movie.  Moritz Bleibtreu is good as Manni, although the character is a bit of a crybaby.  Herbert Knaup is also very good as a husband and father sick if his husbandly and fatherly duties.

Run Lola Run Rent,  reader rent.


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