Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Comedy

Scot Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has gone through a bad breakup with his first true love, Envy Adams, (Brie Larson) he’s finally rebounded with a 17 year old high-school girl named Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) who follows Scott around like a lovesick puppy. But Scott has also developed a reputation as a ladykilling heartbreaker, mostly because he is the bassist in a band, called Sex Bomb omb.   Scott’s already dated the drummer Kim Pine (Allison Pill) and broken up with her, Kim stares at Scott with daggers all the time, but she’s still in the band with him.  Scott’s not paying attention to either Knives or Kim, he’s got his mind set on another dreamgirl, Amazon delivery girl Ramona Flowers, (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) a punkish girl, who initially wants nothing to do with Scott, but soon finds herself enamored with him.  There are two obstacles to Scott and Ramona’s everlasting happiness, for one, Scott hasn’t broken up with Knives yet and second, Scott has to battle Ramona’s seven exes, to win her heart.  Can he beat Ramona’s exes?  Can he let Knives down easy?

I didn’t like this movie at all.  Whose idea was it to meld a love story with a videogame comic book character?  This is really a schizophrenic movie.  Its Nintendoesque videogame graphics with its dropping coins appeals to pre-teens, but the relationship issues are much more complex, so who’s the target audience anyway?  Kids, or college students?   The storyline also makes no sense.  His dream girl has no interest in him, and literally minutes later, they are making out.  WTF? He’s dating a high-school to heal his broken heart, ok that’s fine, but he doesn’t care in the least for her, and so it’s hard  to feel good about someone who breaks not one but 2 hearts and then whines about having to do the adult thing and tell Knives that he’s moved on.  He never apologizes to Kim for breaking her heart, either.  So I really wanted this guy to get hurt, as in getting hit by a train.

Michael Cera is absolutely the wrong person to play the hero role, he is a passive aggressive whiny wimp, who couldn’t beat his way out of a paper bag.  Get this, he refuses to beat up a girl, but the only one he looks like he could beat up was the girl. On top of that he’s a unsympathetic jerk.  Cera’s deadpan delivery doesn’t help matters, pretend like you care fool. When Cera’s roommate asks him to break up with Knives, Cera whines, “But breaking up is hard.” I almost turned the movie off there.  Cera’s exes are sweet and vulnerable with begs the question why would any girl date this guy?  Another criticism, too many characters, 3 members of the band, 7 Ramona’s 7 exes, Scott’s 3 exes, Scott’s gay roommate, Scott’s sister, her boyfriend, tired yet?  I was.  Finally, Ramona’s 7 exes are all emo losers, the biggest challenge to Scott is a vegan, wow I’m scared for him. Avoid this movie at all costs.

Scott Pilgrim Game over.


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