Movie Review: The Next Three Days (2010)

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Drama
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Laura Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) has a fight with her boss.  The boss winds up dead, Laura has unexplained blood on her coat, and seconds later, police burst into Laura’s house and charge her with her boss’ murder.  Her husband John (Russell Crowe) makes it his life’s work to free his wife from jail.  Having run out of appeals, John turns to illegal methods to free Laura.  He talks to Damon Pennington (Liam Neeson) who advises that he try to break his wife out of jail.  But doing so will cost a lot of money.  To finance the jailbreak, John turns to a life of crime he robs a guy who runs a meth lab, kills the guy and burns the house down. So now the police are hunting John down as well as his wife.  Does John get Laura out of jail?  Who killed Laura’s boss?  Who is Nicole? (Olivia Wilde)  and why does she seem to turn   up wherever John is?

I wish I had interesting answers to these questions, but unfortunately I don’t.  To call this movie ludicrous would be giving this movie a compliment.  So much time is spent on the minutiae of raising money to break her out of jail that this movie quickly loses whatever steam it had.  By the time it gets to the actual breakout, they escape the police dragnet by dressing in Pittsburgh Penguin jerseys.  I kid you not.  In another example of this movie’s inanity, Laura and John escape a police dragnet by using two elderly people to sit in the car with them.  The police are truly the Keystone Kops in this movie, letting John and Laura slip thorough their fingers so easily.  Russell Crowe looks like a middle aged zero, not an action hero, complete with a paunchy gut.  Elizabeth Banks, who I like, plays a surly, snarly witch And she looks like three miles of bad road.  Why is Russell Crowe trying to save her again?  So she can henpeck him to death?  Why is Olivia Wilde in this movie?  To drive up the teen boy demographic?  Her character does nothing in the entire film. What was Liam Neeson’s cameo about, one scene and done? Is he in every movie these days?  Who keeps casting him?   So there you have it, a dull suburban husband, tries to save his shrew of a wife and a woman named Nicole hangs around John to drum up suspicion no doubt.  Don’t fall for it.

The next three days.  Left me in a daze.


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