Movie Review: The Woman (2008)

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Comedy
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Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) has the perfect life, a loving husband, a beautiful pre-teen daughter, and four adoring friends.  Well Mary’s life is not as perfect as it appears to be, her husband is cheating on her with the perfume girl at Sach’s  5th Avenue named Crystal Allen  (Eva Mendes)   One of her best friends, a magazine publisher named Syvie Fowler (Annette Benning) sells Mary’s cheating husband story to a writer named Bailey Smith (Carrie Fisher) Another friend, Alex Fisher (Jada Pinkett Smith) is gay.  Mary’s daughter Molly (India Ennega) can’t talk to Mary about boys, or her smoking or her eating disorder, but Molly can talk to Sylvie.  Mary’s other friend, Edie, (Debra Messing) is having her fifth child and hoping for a boy .Mary’s mother Catherine (Candice Bergen) gets plastic surgery, and Molly contemplates divorcing her husband and starting a new life as a fashion designer.  Crystal moves in with Mary’s husband, but will the relationship last, will Mary find success as a fashion designer?

This is one of those sickeningly cloying movies about modern, successful, trendy  women, doing modern, trendy and successful things.  Mary’s career-driven husband has an affair with a foxy younger woman.  While most women would fall apart, Mary barely sheds a tear or breaks a sweat, and she lands on her feet as a fashion designer.  Perfect, except it bears no resemblance to reality.  How did Sylvie get a job as a magazine editor?  What do we know about Alex except she’s gay?  Why are Molly’s very serious adolescent problems treated as a joke?  Why is Mary’s mother having plastic surgery?  Because she is rich and idle, and that’s the problem with this movie, it’s about a bunch of rich, idle, trendy women that no one really cares about.  The only character that bore any resemblance to a real person was the Eva Mendez character, she was a bad girl in this movie, but it was actually refreshing to see a flawed, real woman.  Meg Ryan merely goes through the motions in this movie.  Annette Benning struggles to be a high society fashion editor, and her face looks like bad plastic surgery.  Jada Pinkett and Debra Messing are pretty funny, but they aren’t given enough lines, and their characters are very underdeveloped.  Candice Bergen delivers her lines with her standard deadpan Murphy Brown delivery,  With all these funny and talented women, I thought it would be funnier.  It wasn’t.

The Women.  Women’s Room, for improvement.


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