Movie Review: Captain America. The First Avenger (2011)

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Drama
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WWII is raging in Europe.  In Norway, Nazi soldier Jonathan Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) steals a powerful cube with untold powers.  Schmidt intends to take over the world.  Back in Brooklyn, NY, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a small, skinny runt, who keeps trying to join the Army.  He wants to emulate his friend, James “Bucky” Barnes (Sebastian Stan) who is already in the military.  Steve is so desperate to join the fight and fight the Nazis that he volunteers for an experimental program to design a super soldier, headed by Dr. Abraham Erskine, (Stanley Tucci)  British agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)  Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) and Howard Stark (Dominc Cooper). After the super soldier injections are complete, Steve grows and becomes muscular, but a Nazi spy breaks into the lab and kills Dr Erskine.  Steve chases down and kills the spy, but then is woefully underused, and made a USO attraction, used to sell war bonds.

After Steve learns that his friend Bucky is missing, he flies behind enemy lines with Howard and Peggy.  Not only does Steve find Bucky but 400 other POW’s.  While Steve finds the POW’s,  Schmidt and Dr. Zola are trying to harness the power of the cube.  Steve and the 400 POW’s storm Schmidt’s HQ. Does Steve overpower Schmidt? Does Schmidt and Zola perfect the power of the cube?

I love this movie.  There are lots of reasons why.  This is a story of the underdog, the little guy who keeps on fighting to attain his dream.  He has a best friend, who he wants to be in the army with, he’s never danced with a girl, isn’t that everybody’s story?  And even with muscles and height, there are still obstacles in his way.  The villain is a true villain, he makes Hitler look like a boy scout and that is not easy to do.  The banter between Steve and Bucky sounds like two friends going back and forth.  The banter between Steve and Peggy sounds like lovers fighting.  The acting is great, and that makes the movie better.  Chris Evans is so good as Steve Rogers that I rooted him from the first scene on.  Hayley Atwell is one hell of a love interest, and she can act too.  Hugo Weaving is pure evil as Schmidt, he revels in being a bad guy and he does it well.  Tommy Lee Jones looks like he was meant to be in a military uniform.  Stanley Tucci is great in a cameo role as the scientist who really wants to help Steve. Dominic Copper plays Howard Stark, as a fun loving flirtatious womanizer, and adds a nice touch of comedy to the proceedings.  Then came the last scene, which looked like it was taped on, with Scotch tape, it was so sloppily done, all for the sake of a sequel.  But the tacked on ending did not ruin the movie.  OK so The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern, and Thor make Captain America look like Shakespeare, but that shouldn’t matter, and it doesn’t matter.

Captain America.  We all have a little Captain in us.


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