Movie Review: Hop (2011)

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Comedy


Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) is a 30 something slacker who doesn’t have a job, and still lives at home with his dad, Henry (Gary Cole) his mom Bonnie, (Elizabeth Perkins) and his sisters Sam (Kelly Cuoco) and adopted sister, Alex. (Tiffany Espensen)   E.B.  (Russell Brand) is a rabbit lives on Easter Island, with his dad (Hugh Laurie)   E.B. is destined to be the next Easter Bunny, but he doesn’t want to be the Easter bunny, he wants to be a drummer, so he runs away from Easter Island and ends up in Fred’s parents’ house.  After E.B messes up the house, and costs Fred a job interview at a video game company, Fred is set to toss E.B. into the woods.  It is then that E.B. reveals that he is the future Easter Bunny.  Meanwhile E.B.’s dad sends out the Pink Berets, an elite paramilitary bunny squad to find E.B, but an overzealous chick named Carlos (Hank Azaria) is ready to insert himself as a substitute to do the Easter duties.  Does E.B. achieve his dreams?  Does Fred find his calling?

This is not a very original movie.  It reminds me of a cross between the Santa Clause and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  And there’s not much growth within the characters, the good characters remain good, the evil characters are evil.     What I liked best about Despicable Me was the characters weren’t what they seemed to be and the characters showed some complexity.  The problem is, this movie can’t decide if it wants to be an edgy movie for adults or a kids’ movie.  For example, one of the first scenes shows E.B. going to the Playboy Mansion, but he doesn’t go in, and that’s the problem with this movie, it’s not edgy enough for the adults, and it’s not cute enough for the kids. And worst of all, it gives away the ending in the first few minutes.  Why bother watching the movie if you know the ending?  James Marsden plays a milquetoast character who wanders aimlessly from scene to scene.  I liked him better in 27 Dresses when he had more on the ball.  I like Russel Brand, but that rebellious rock-star persona is getting old fast.  Kelly Cuoco is funny on The Big Bang Theory, but is given nothing to do here.  Azaria does his Spanish accent from the Birdcage, and Hugh Laurie is wasted.  There are a few laughs, but not enough to sustain 90 minutes.

Hop.  Skip it.


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