Movie Review: Gone (2012)

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Drama


Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is a young waitress living in Portland Oregon with her sister, Molly (Emily Wickersham)  When Molly disappears, Jill can’t help but recall her own kidnapping at the hands of a deviant kidnapper.  Jill escaped, with her life, only to find that police think she fabricated the whole story.  Jill also found herself committed to a mental institution, because police found no evidence of the kidnapping.  Jill goes back to the police when her sister disappears, and again, officer Powers (Daniel Sunjata) and his partner Peter Hood (Wes Brantley) are skeptical of her story.  Jill starts to piece together some clues from a neighbor and the owner of a locksmith company all of which lead her to a mysterious man, named Jim (Socratis Otto) who comes to the diner where Jill works often.  Meanwhile, the police are trying to apprehend Jill for illegally carrying a gun.  Jill, in her pursuit of her kidnapper, and possibly her sister’s kidnapper, refuses to take her psychiatric meds.  is Jim the man who kidnapped Jill and Molly?  Or is Jill just having a psychotic break with reality and creating another kidnapping story to draw attention to herself?

This is not a great story, not well written very predictable and ultimately boring.  The police are portrayed as stupidly as humans can possibly be portrayed.  They literally cannot find Jill, who’s walking the streets of Portland while they ride around in their squad cars.  Of course the police are skeptical, if they weren’t, this movie would last about 15 minutes.  What should be suspenseful, just falls flat, and is just a preamble to a foregone conclusion, the end of the movie.  I usually decry movies with too many dumb plot twists, this movie didn’t have any.  Amanda Seyfried tries mightily to save this movie from itself, she is still likable, as she was in Mamma Mia, but the script lets her down.  The supporting cast is forgettable.  Sunjata is no better than he was in One For the Money, essentially plying the same role, and Wes Brantley tries to hard to be a mystery man himself, as Sunjata’s partner.  I don’t remember hearing anything about this movie when it came out, now I know why.
Gone.  Going…going…

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