Movie Review: The Vow (2012)

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Drama
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Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel Mcadams) are deliriously happily married, until they get rear ended by a truck while making out.  Leo is not badly hurt, but Paige goes through the windshield, and suffers a brain trauma.  She can’t remember anything of her life with Leo, she was an sculptor, on the cusp of commercial success.  But Paige can’t remember any of the last five years.  What she does remember is living with her parents, Bill (Sam Neill) and Rita (Jessica Lange) and her sister Gwen (Jessica McNamee).  Paige doesn’t remember dropping out of law school and breaking up with her former fiancé, Jeremy (Scott Speedman) so as hard as he tries, Leo can’t make Paige remember the life they shared together.  So she goes back to the life she had before Leo, law school, old fiancé, her parents house, planning her sister’s wedding, but Paige still feels out of sorts.  Her life seems happy now, but questions still nag at her, why did Paige leave her parents, her fiancé, quit law school to marry Leo, a guy who she seemingly has nothing in common with?
This is yet another drippy romantic drama.  It was so drippy that I thought that it was another useless Nicholas Sparks romantic novel, but I was wrong, this is actually based on a true story, written by the couple to whom the accident happened.  That doesn’t make the story any more palatable, or believable to me.  Leo can do no wrong, the parents are the standard issue wealthy villains who think their wealth can buy anything, including their daughter’s happiness.  If it is a true story, it’s a story that has been told many times before.  Rachel McAdams seems insistent on being typecast in these nauseating romantic stories, she’s been in The Notebook, The Time Traveller’s Wife, and now this.  She should do different roles.  She was quite good in the thriller Red Eye.  As I’ve said before Channing Tatum should consider another line of work, longshoreman, long distance mover, something that doesn’t require him to speak.
The Vow.  Promise yourself that you’ll miss this movie.

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