Movie Review: Total Recall (2012)

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Drama


It is sometime in the future.  Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell)lives in a small apartment in the United Federation of Britain with his wife, Lori (Kate Beckinsale).  Douglas works in a factory that makes robotic police forces for the government.  The government faces terrorist attacks by a armed resistance group headed by a man called Matthias (Bill Nighy). Douglas is bored with his life, and one of Doug’s co-workers, McClane (John Cho) tells Doug to go to a company  called Recall and have a memory implanted.  Doug decides to do it.  Before he can get the memories implanted, the Recall employee says that Doug is already a spy.  Doug rushes home to Lori, and Lori tries to kill him?  What exactly is going on here?  Is Doug really a spy?  Is this part of a recurring nightmare Doug is having?  If Doug is a spy, is he spying for the government or the resistance?

This is a re-make of the 1990 Arnold Swartzennegger movie of the same name.  Yet the movie seems smaller, less grandiose than the original.  The over the top nature of the original fit the larger than life star of the original, Arnold, and it all worked.  Colin Ferrell certainly cannot fill the oversized shoes of Arnold and doesn’t try.  He tries to give a more cerebral take on the role of Douglas Quaid, the problem is there is not much plot here, what plot there is resembles a run of the mill terrorist movie, rather than a sci-fi movie about implanted memories.  Kate Beckinsale is back in full kick ass mode, on the heels of her four Underworld movies.  I still like her best in Serendipity.  I wish she had done more romantic comedy, although I did like Kate in Van Helsing.  Jessica Biel is nothing more than eye candy in this movie, which is what she was intended to be.  Ultimately the re-make is too much shooting, chasing, explosions, and not enough sci-Fi.

Total Recall.  They should recall the writers who wrote this clunker.


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