Movie Review: Safe (2012)

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Drama


Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is a cage fighter from New Jersey.  He won a fight, which he  was supposed to take a dive in, and now he’s up to his elbows in debt to the head of the Russian mob (Emile Docheschi (Sandor Tecsy) Mei (Catherine Chan) is a Chinese girl, who’s a mathematical genius, who is sent to New York by the head of the Chinese Triads, Han Jiao. (James Hong)  Han tells Mei to live with her new “father” in  New York City, Quan Chan (Reggie Lee) and help him out with business or Han will kill Mei’s mother.  Mei works with Quan for about a year, and then gets a new assignment, to memorize a code of numbers, and then she will get a second number to memorize.  After that, she is to wait for instructions.  Before Mei can get further instructions, she is kidnapped by the Russian mob, but escapes into the subway.  Luke is now homeless, and ready to end it all by jumping off a subway platform.  He sees Mei, and sees the Russian mob trying to nab the escaped child.  Luke saves Mei from the Russians, and hides in a ritzy hotel, but the Chinese mob has a tracking device on Mei and has followed Mei and Luke to the hotel.  Does Luke take on the Triads as he has already taken on the Russians?  Luke also has to battle a bunch of crooked cops that wants to get their hands on the code, and the girl.  What is the code mean?  Why are the Chinese mob, the Russian mob, and dirty cops all interested in this code?  What happens to Mei?  Can Luke save her?

I did not like this movie.  The plot is way to complicated for an action flick, there are three storylines going on at once, the Chinese mob, the Russian mob, and the crooked cops.  The rule for an action movie is keep the story simple and keep the action coming.  There is a lot of action in this movie, but it’s tremendously violent, people are getting shot left and right, and I normally don’t have a problem with violence, but a lot of this violence is done in front of a 10 or 11 year old girl, that is definitely not cool.  I usually like Jason Statham, because he has a wry sense of humor, which he uses effectively, but this script forces him to be deadly serious all the time, unless you consider a bad New Jersey accent to be funny.  More violence here, because Statham murders a New Jersey accent, mercilessly, mixing in a large dose of his native London in his accent.  The best acting job is done by Catherine Chan, who is a mix of funny and tough, and really makes this movie better than it otherwise is, but it’s not worth sitting through an hour and a half of senseless violence just to see one good performance.  If you want to see a good Jason Statham movie, see the first Transporter film, or the first Crank film.


Safe.  Statham can’t crank out another good action movie.


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