Classic Movie Review: Reservoir Dogs (Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi) 1992

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Drama

Six crooks plan to knock off a jewelry store.  What four of them don’t know is that one of the robbers is a cop who’s gone undercover to infiltrate the gang and tip off the cops.  After the cops descend on the jewelry store and kill Mr. Blue (Edward Bunker), and Mr. Brown (Tarantino) and Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) gets shot by a lady who’s car they try to steal, Mr. White, (Keitel) and Mr. Orange wait for their cohorts.  The first to arrive is Mr. Blonde, (Madsen) who brings along a cop, who he promptly tortures. Mr. Pink (Buscemi) comes back to tell what’s left of the gang, that he has the diamonds, and he stashed them somewhere safe. Mr. White is frantically trying to get a doctor for Mr. Orange, but no one else seemed to care that he’s dying.  Joe (Lawrence Tierney)and his son Nice Guy Eddie (Chris Penn) the gang leaders know who infiltrated the gang, and are willing to stake their lives on it. But who’s the rat?

This is a great movie filled with action and gratuitous violence. And if you don’t like gratuitous violence, why the heck are you watching a Tarantino movie anyway?  It’s been said that Tarantino has a great ear for the way real people talk.  It’s true.  The movie starts out with a discussion about Madonna’s song “Like a Virgin” and then there’s another discussion with Buscemi where he’s complaining about his code name. Mr. Pink being too effeminate, there are all kinds of pop culture, and just downright funny moments in the film.  The central issue of who’s the snitch is resolved pretty early, but the movie holds your attention.  Michael Madsen s the center of this movie, he carries huge chunks of this movie on his back.  Tim Roth is also very good as Mr. Orange.  There is one thing that bothers me about the Keitel character, but to discuss it would ruin the movie.  Buscemi and Tarantino add laughs, but Tarantino the director knows that Tarantino the actor is lousy, so he thankfully kills his character off quickly. Another element that sets this movie apart from most is the music, it’s all 70’s classic rock music, and if you grew up with that music as I did, the characters listening to this music immediately become more likable and relatable, even though the do some nasty things. Who could forget the iconic scene with Michael Madsen dancing around to “Stuck In the Middle With You” by Stealer’s Wheel.  The music almost makes a gruesome scene seem lighthearted.  Good music can set or change the tone of a movie, and it certainly does do here.

This is just a fun, guy movie.  I have a new favorite Tarantino flick.

Resovoir Dogs.  This dog’s bite is as good as its bark.


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