Movie Review Obsessed (Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, Idris Elba) 2009

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Drama

Derek Charles (Idris Elba) is living a dream life.  He just got promoted to executive vice president of an investment firm, he has a large house, a beautiful wife, named Sharon (Knowles) and a toddler.  Derek meets a temp named Lisa (Larter) who takes an immediate and unhealthy interest in Derek.  It starts off innocently enough, Lisa burns a rap cd for Derek, and he likes it.  Unhappy with the slow deliberate approach, Lisa attacks Derek in the men’s room and then strips to her underwear in the parking lot.  Derek wants none of it and rebuffs all of Lisa’s advances.  Of course Derek shares none of this with Sharon, who thinks everything is fine, until Lisa is found naked and drugged in Derek’s bed.  Sharon throws Derek out, the cops are called in, everybody suspects the worst of Derek, but Derek works diligently to get back into Sharon’s good graces, but Lisa is still not out of the picture, what happens when Lisa, kidnaps Derek and Sharon’s little boy?

Where to start?  This movie is rife with harmful and dangerous stereotypes.  Sharon suspects Derek right away, because don’t most successful black men trade in their black girlfriends for blonde haired trophy wives?  And the white males in this movie think, “Hey why wouldn’t he boink the new blonde temp?” The police treat him like a suspect, because aren’t all black men suspects?  And Ali Larter suffers the most pernicious of all stereotypes, who else would fall for a black man except a crazy white woman?  And let’s not forget Beyonce’s scorned, angry black woman.  Shame on Beyonce and Magic Johnson for perpetrating such myths in the guise of making a “pro-black” movie.  It would all be tolerable, if it wasn’t so cliché ridden. Every line is laden with cringe worthy dialogue that everyone has seen before.  To call this an updated Fatal Attraction is an insult to Fatal Attraction.  Derek and Sharon are too perfect, Lisa is a psycho from the start and we never know why she got that way.  This is a black woman’s revenge fantasy run amok. Don’t watch it.

Obaessed.  A cesspool.


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