Movie Review: Orphan (Vera Farmiga,Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman) 2009

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Drama

Kate Coleman (Farmiga) is a mother of two kids. who just had a miscarriage.  She wants to adopt an older child to forget the pain of the miscarriage. After talking to Sister Abigail, (CCH Pounder) the nun who runs the orpjanage, Kate and husband John (Sarsgaard) decide to ado Esther (Fuhrman).  Kate hopes that Esther will not only help he forget her miscarriage, but also her drinking problem, and her visits to the psychiatrist. At first, Esther is all sweetness and light, then she gets made fun of in school, and the girl who teases her ends up hurt, then as Sister Abigail starts to raise doubts about Esther, she ends up dead.  When Kate starts to suspect Esther, and wants her to see her psychiatrist, John says she is imagining things.  Soon Esther’s brother Daniel is in the hospital and still John does not want to think anything is wrong. Why is Esther slowly, methodically destroying her new family?  Why does no one believe Kate’s suspicions of Esther?


This is a very dull, predictable paint by numbers horror/slasher movie.  Farmiga who I liked in the Boy in The Striped Pajamas, struggles to give a decent performance in a flawed clichéd script.  Saesgaard who I hate in everything he’s in, plays his usual passive aggressive type character, and he’s dumb as a post in this movie.  If he doesn’t suspect something is seriously wrong with his newly adopted daughter, I know farm animals who are smarter than this guy.  Fuhrman does well with what she’s given, but her character is clichéd and predictable as well. The twist is a horrid idea, I’d ask the person who wrote this to please see a psychiatrist and examine his feelings about children.  The plot twist is that horrendous and dangerous. I was expecting the Omen or Rosemary’s Baby, but this was just, dull predictable slowly paced junk


Orphan:  Don’t take this one home


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