Movie Review: Righteous Kill (Robert DeNiro. Al Pacino Donnie Wahlberg) 2008

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Drama


Turk (DeNiro) and Rooster (Pacino) are the year veterans of the New York City police department.  They are also dirty cops.  Turk has framed an acquitted child killer, named Charles Randall (Frank John Hughes) and Rooster helped him cover it up.  All of a sudden, criminals start dying, all connected in some way to Turk, soon the police chief, Hingis,(Brian Denehy) send out Ted Riley (Wahlberg) and Simon Perez (John Leguizamo) to investigate who the serial killer is.  Turk’s girlfriend Karen Corelli (Carla Giugino) is also investigating the murder.  Turk and Rooster are also investigating a drug dealer named Spider (50 Cent) Will Spider be the last victim of the serial killer?  Who is the serial killer?  Is it Turk? If not Turk, then who is it?


Skip this movie.  What I did not like about this movie is that it suggests one suspect right from the beginning and you wait for a twist, and wait and wait, and wait.  And when it comes, you have guessed the ending long before it is revealed.  The pacing of this movie is slow, glacially slow, I know, I’ve seen glaciers.  DeNiro tries his best, but is stuck with a horrendous script.  Pacino must have been very hungry because he started chewing the scenery early.  When was the last time this guy didn’t overact in a movie. Dog Day Afternoon?  Donnie Wahlberg does his best Mark Wahlberg and fails, and Leguizamo is just a bad actor, stick to comedy.


Righteous Kill:  DOA.



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