Movie Review: Taken (Liam Neeson, Famke Jannsen.Maggie Grace) 2008

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Action, Drama


Bryan (Neeson) is a retired CIA agent.  He’s divorced from his wife, Lenore (Jannsen) who remarried an older, richer man.  Brian dotes on his daughter Kim, (Maggie Grace) he buys her a karaoke machine for her birthday, but stepdaddy got Kim a pony, and mom clearly agrees with spoiling Kim rotten.  Now Kim wants to go to Europe to follow U2 on tour, even though she’s only 17.  Kim needs a signed waiver from Brian to let her go, Brian doesn’t like the idea of letting Kim go to Europe with an 18 year old girlfriend, but he relents, under heavy pressure from Lenore, under the vondition that Kim keep in close contact with her dad, via cellphone.  No sooner is Kim in Paris, then she gets kidnapped by a group of Albanians involved in the human flesh trade.  Daddy Brian hops into action and the chase is on, does Bryan rescue Kim?

Don’t bother to find out.  This is a very predictable action film, and Liam Neeson is not exactly the best action star around either.  He looks old and tired most of the time, like Harrison Ford in Firewall.  This is very standard issue hero stuff, bullets fly but Liam never gets a scratch. he just looks like he wants to nap.  And he affects some sort of fake American accent that’s distracting.  I enjoyed watching him beat up on Frenchies though, as they are very annoying.  Famke Jannsen plays a witch on wheels, she gives poor Liam a hard time from the minute they see each other in this movie.  I wish she was the one who was kidnapped.  Maggie Grace just plays stupid clueless victim the whole time, no surprises from her character.  No surprises from any character.


Taken.  Don’t get taken.

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