Movie Review: Green Zone (Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Brendon Gleeson) 2009

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Drama


Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) is charged with the task of finding WMD’s in Iraq.  So far, Miller has come up empty in his search for WMD.  Miller reports his findings to the military brass, which doesn’t seem to care. Miller then begins to develop his own intelligence, because he doesn’t trust the intelligence on WMD that he’s being fed.  Miller befriends and Iraqi named Freddy (Khalid Abdalla) who tips him off to a meeting of Saddam’s generals and Baathist leaders.  The military raids the meeting and finds out that General Al Rawi (Igal Naor) is inside.  Al Rawi is the head of the Iraqi WMD program, and if Miller can track him down and talk to him, Miller is sure he can find out where the WMD’s are.  Miller also begins to read articles about WMD, written by Laurie Dayne (Amy Ryan) and he’s getting suspicious about her sources.  There’s also a debate within the US government between the Coalition Provisional Authority, represented by Clark Poundstone  (Greg Kinnear) and the CIA represented by Martin Brown (Brendon Gleeson) The CPA wants to debaathify the Iraqi government, the CIA wants to integrate the Baaath Party into the Iraqi government.  Miller just wants to find the truth about WMD.  Will he find Al-Rawi?  Clark Poundstone has his own reasons to find Al-Rawi.  Who will find him first?  Who is Laurie Dayne’s source? What is the truth about WMD on Iraq?

Well we know the truth about WMD in Iraq, there weren’t any.  This movie gets a lot of the details right, there was a debate whether or not to integrate the Baath Party into the government or not, they portray  an Iraqi exile coming back to take power in the new Iraqi government, that would be Ahmed Chalabi in real life.  Greg Kinnear plays a Paul Bremmer type beaurocrat taking his orders from the Bush Administration.    Amy Ryan plays a Judith Miller type reporter who gets fed pro Administration WMD stories from a source she won’t reveal.  If anything, the movie goes too easy on the CIA, it was George Tenet that said WMD was a “slam dunk.”  The conclusion is fictionalized, something that liberals will forget.  Conservatives will hate this movie; they’d rather not talk about the Iraq war at all.  I’d like to read Rajiv Chandrasekeran’s book though.

Green Zone: Bourne again.


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