Food Inc. Documentary (2008)

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Documentary

Just like the sit down dinner has been replaced, by fast food and take out dining, the family farm has been replaced by corporate food factories.   The consequences of such huge agribusinesses may be dire to not only the animals being raised but our health as well.  Companies like Tyson and Perdue raise their chickens in windowless coops, breed them to be so top heavy with breast meat, that they can hardly walk, and fill them so full of antibiotics that new bacteria that grow in these chickens will be resistant to anti –biotics.  Smithfield does for pigs what Tyson does for chickens, creating a veritable assembly line of porcine body parts, slaughtered by the same workers over and over again.  Smithfield uses low-skilled minority and even actively recruits in Mexico for illegal workers, while the government looks the other way.  Cows are the least taken care of out of all the animals we use for food, they are fed corn or chicken parts instead of grass, and what makes them fatter also makes them more susceptible to diseases like mad cow and e-coli .As if that’s not bad enough, the cows are made to stand in their own feces before they are taken to the slaughterhouse.   Part of the problem is that the people who are supposed to be regulating the food industry used to be food industry lobbyists, and they believe that the food industry can regulate itself.

When an industry is so poorly regulated, people die. Such is the case of a little boy named Kevin who died of kidney failure, 12 days after eating tainted meat.  Kevin’s mother and grandmother had been trying for 6 or seven years to pass Kevin’s Law.  Kevin’s law proposed that the FDA be given the power again to close plants that produce contaminated meat.  I still don’t know if Kevin’s law has passed Congress.  By far, the biggest corporate horror story is that of Monsanto and their monopolistic control of the American soybean industry.  Soybean farmers are no longer allowed to keep their own seeds because Monsanto has created a genetically engineered soy bean that is resistant to Monsanto’s own weed killer Roundup. Monsanto even has agents monitoring if farmers save their own seeds. But there is hope, lie the farmer who runs Polyface farms, who lets his animals roam around in the sunshine and lets his cows eat grass imagine that?  But as soon as corporations like Wal-Mart get a hold of the organic food trend, organic food will lose all meaning, and become another corporate run entity.

There is a saying about sausage.  Everybody likes how sausage tastes but nobody likes to see it being made.  Well hear we see how animals are raised and slaughtered for our dinnertable, and it is a gruesome sight.  But more importantly, this documentary shows how the trend towards fast food and junk food has influenced what we grow and eat in America.  And it illustrates how junk food causes diseases like adult onset diabetes, disproportionately in poor people. who can only afford to eat fast food.  This is an eye opening film.  Must see viewing for everyone.

Food Inc.  Food For thought.


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