Movie Review: Despicable Me (2010)

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Animation, Comedy

The Great Pyramid has been stolen by a supervillain named Vector (Jason Segal) while rival supervilllain Gru  (Steve Carell) hatches a plan to outdo Vector.  Gru plans to shrink the moon and then steal it.  To put his plan into action, Gru first has to steal the shrink ray from Vector to get a loan from the bank to build a rocket, fly to the moon and shrink it.  To get the shrink ray, he adopts three orphans, Margo, (Miranda Cosgrove) Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher) who in turn sell Vector cookies and allow Gru to sneak into Vector’s hideout.  Now that Gru has the shrink ray, can he get the loan to build the rocket and shrink the moon?  What about the orphans?  Do they get stuck with a despicable adoptive father?

I love this movie.  This is not only a story with lots of laughs, but a real heart to it.  It’s a story of redemption, can a dastardly villain, rejected time and again by his evil mother (Julie Andrews beautifully playing against type)  who opens up his heart to three orphans and risks being hurt to find love?  The transition from evil villain to doting single father is so gradual so subtle, that it’s enjoyable to watch.  Steve Carell does such a good job in this movie, it’s hard to think of what else he could have done to make his role better.  He is adept at comedy, doing a hilarious Eastern European accent, but he’s equally adept at the touching parts of the movie giving a well rounded performance.  Julie Andrews is terrific, proving how versatile she is as an actress, the three girls are funny and sweet in their own, unique ways.  Oddly, Russell Brand and Jason Segal two of the funniest men in Hollywood play straight men in this movie and don’t add much to the comedy.  Kristin Wiig,  Carell and a funny cameo by 30 Rock’s Jack McBreyer make this movie very funny indeed.  Despicable Me, Up and Toy Story 3 are three of the funniest, sweetest most well written animated movies I’ve seen.

Despicable Me:  Pick it Up.

  1. arena23 says:

    Great review! Your use of writing techniques is admirable!

    Keep it up 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words,

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