Movie Review: Die Hard 2 (Bruce Willis, Fred Thompson John Amos) 1990

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Drama

A Latin American General named Esperanza (Franco Nero) is being extradited to America to be arrested. A renegade American Colonel Stuart (William Sadler)  is setting up shop to intercept the plane in a small church outside DC.  Does the Colonel want to shoot down the General’s plane?  No, quite the opposite, he wants to help the General escape to a third country where he can’t be arrested.  It’s a good thing that John McClane (Willis) is in Dulles airport trying to catch a plane to meet his wife in Los Angeles, he’s just the man to stop this kind of plot before it comes to fruition, but first he has to get past a surly DC cop, Carmine Lorenzo (Dennis Franz) who won’t let McClane do anything on his turf, and a grumpy Southern air traffic controller named Trudeau.  (Fred Thompson)  Oh by the way MClane’s wife Holly(Bonnie Bedelia) is on one of the many planes, made to circle Dulles, which Colonel Stuart will bring down unless he gets his way. Finally, McClane gets some help in his one-man show to try to stop Stuart’s diabolical plan.  Captain Grant (Amos) was Colonel Stuart’s superior in the army and taught him everything he knows, but does he stop Stuart or is it up to John McClane once again to save the day?

How do I hate this movie?  Let me count the ways.  The plot borrows heavily from 1980’s politics, (General Noriega Colonel Oliver North) and 1970’s disaster films.  Willis acting skills are paper thin, as he plays the wise cracking, tough talking, never runs out of ammo John McClane.  Hey if he loves his wife so much why aren’t they on the same plane together?  Bad acting is virtually everywhere Fred Thomson’s slow as molasses drawl makes me think he should have had a role as Forrest Gump’s father.  John Amos was more convincing as a tough guy when he was trying to beat up Jimmie Walker on Good Times.  Dennis Franz plays Carmine like a bad Italian stereotype.  William Sadler is no Alan Rickman as far as menace goes and Art Evans gives the worst performance of anyone in this film, and that’s saying something. Everyone curses in this movie, it seems like every other word is a curse word.  And it’s totally unnecessary.  Finally the action is sloppy, one explosion looks like it’s done with miniature Matchbox models, the climactic fight scene takes place on the wing of a plane, but the plane was on the ground and seemed to be going two miles an hour.  Instead of yelling Yippie Kai Yay!  I was yelling, when will this end?  Renny Harlin who directed this mess, is famous for marrying Geena Davis.  This movie shows he’s not famous for directing films.

Die Hard Two.  DOA


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