Movie Review: Die Hard (Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald Vel Johnson) 1988

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Drama
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John McClane (Willis) is a New York City cop, in Los Angeles to try to reconcile with his wife, Holly (Bededlia) Holly’s moved out to LA, for a job opportunity with Takagi, a Japanese conglomerate.  Holly has also taken to using her maiden name, but McClane is going to try to win her back anyway.  While he’s in the Takagi building, robbers break in, and plan to steal 600 million dollars in company stock.  The leader of the gang, Hans Gruber, pretends to be a terrorist, to get the FBI involved, because that would actually make the robbery easier.  McClane is desperately trying to get anyone to help him, police, firemen.  Finally, one beat cop named Al Powell.  (VelJohnson) Al looks around doesn’t find anything unusual, until MClane  throws a chair out of the building, and that triggers a hail of gunfire.  Al calls for backup, many cops show up, and now the police are being ordered by assistant chief of police Robinson,  (Paul  Gleason) who soon turns the case over to the FBI.  Will McClane get the robbers before they blow up the building, and kill the 30 hostages trapped inside?

This is a mediocre film, surrounded by a lot of hype.  The story is so predictable, I knew exactly who was going to die, and more importantly who is going to live.  I don’t like Bruce Willis much ever since his Moonlighting, days, but he does an adequate job as the action hero, and he establishes a good repertoire with VelJohnson, who plays the same kind of likable working class hero he did in Family Matters,  What’s missing from Willis’ performance is any kind of chemistry with Bedilia, a little more exposition of their past together would help.  Rickman plays a suitably menacing thief, but his German accent is pathetically bad. Deveroux Johnson adds some much needed comedy relief.  There were flashes of a good movie here, but the movie seems dated seeing it 22 years later, and the action seems very much staged.  The franchise got a much needed boost in 2007, with Live Free or Die Hard, so far the best movie of the series in my opinion.

Die Hard.  I could’ve lived without seeing it.


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