Movie Review: Die Hard with a Vengeance (Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Irons) 1995

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Drama

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back in New York City, he’s been kicked of the force, but the city still facing a threat from a fanatical bomber named Simon.  (Jeremy Irons) So before McClane can say Simon says, he is reinstated into the force.   Simon has already bombed department stores in New York and threatens to bomb more places like Chinatown, and one school in the vast New York City school system.  McClane’s help this time around, comes from a militant Harlem resident, named Zeus Carver, (Samuel  L. Jackson)  he doesn’t like white people, and let’s just say MClane and Carver don’t meet under the  best of circumstances.  Nevertheless, McClane and Carver rush off to solve Simon’s set of riddles (He gives clues to the location of the next bombing by using riddles. )  What they don’t realize is Simon is using the bombings to hide his real plan, and that Simon is the brother of the man McClane pushed off an LA skyscraper a few years before.  So what is Simon’s real plan?  Do McClane and Carver figure out the real plan before Simon gets away with it?

There’s a reason why I didn’t watch late 1980’s early 1990’s movies and this movie personifies the reasons why.  The plot meanders from potential bombing to potential bombing, and the pacing is so slow, it feels like it takes them hours to figure each clue.  Here’s the problem, 90% if the movie is spent figuring out the bomb plot and disarming the bombs, and 10 percent of the movie is spent figuring out the real plot.  MCclane seems to be getting dumber with each successive movie.  The answers to most of the riddles are provided by Carver, one answer is provided by a truck driver, and the bombs are disarmed by s bald extra, so what does MCclane do?  Not much.  Run around aimlessly, catch his breath.  And figure out the real plan in two minutes, with absolutely no help.  I never thought much of Bruce Willis as  an actor, I think even less of him now.  Samuel L. Jackson plays a straight up stereotypical, strident, militant black man. As likeable as Jackson is, it’s awfully hard to like Zeus Carver, because Zeus Carver is a racist.  The racial animus is something that was totally unnecessary in this movie and it makes this movie hard to watch at times.  Jeremy Irons is a fabulous actor, especially as Klaus Von Bulow, but here he’s an English actor stuck playing a German stereotype, right out of Hogan’s Heroes.  Irons struggles with the German accent.

Die Hard 3:  Perishable.


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