Movie Review: Fight Club (Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham-Carter) 1999

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Drama
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“Cornelius” (Norton) works as a recall analyzer for a major car company.  He calculates whether a recall is financially worthwhile to the auto company he works for.  Cornelius hates his job, hates his boss, and has insomnia.  To cure himself of his insomnia, he starts going to support group meetings of people that have terminal diseases.  Cornelius doesn’t have a terminal disease, but the release of his pent up emotion helps him sleep at night, so he keeps on going.  It is at one of these meetings that Cornelius meets Marla Singer. (Bonham-Carter)   Marla doesn’t have any terminal diseases either, but it’s cheaper than a movie, and it has free coffee.

Cornelius flies a lot on business.  It is on one of these flights that he meets Tyler Darden (Pitt) Tyler is many things, a homemade soap salesman, a film projectionist, and a bit of a philosopher.  After Cornelius’ apartment burns down, Tyler suggests that Cornelius free himself of all material wealth to find true happiness.  On one occasion, Tyler asks Cornelius to punch him as hard as he can.  The two have so much fun fighting each other that Fight Club is born, I secret club where two men fight each other until one gives up.  Fight Club evolves into Project Mayhem, which begins as low-level vandalism but itself evolves into something bigger.  All of a sudden, Tyler disappears, can Cornelius find Tyler, before the true impact of Project Mayhem is felt?  As Cornelius travels around the country looking for Tyler, he finds more and more Fight Clubs opening up, will more Project Mayhems follow suit?

I liked about the first hour an 50 minutes of this movie, and then it all fell apart for me, after the “big reveal” which ripped a massive plot hole in the movie and stained the credulity of everyone involved in making this movie.  The last 25 minutes of this movie sounds like conspiracy theories spouted by the lunatic fringe of both political parties.  It then takes that propaganda and turns it into justification for the unjustifiable.   The acting is great, particularly by Norton, as an everyman loser fed up of the rat race and keeping up with the Jones.’  Pitt is effective as a salesman of increasingly toxic ideas, and Bonham-Carter is as appealing as I’ve seen her in any movie, as the girl who keeps turning up like a bad penny.  It’s the good performances that kept me involved in this movie for as long as I was.  Unfortunately the plot twist made shambles of what could have been an excellent movie.

Fight Club.  Fight the temptation to see this movie.


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