Movie Review: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (Bill Hader, Anna Farris, James Caan) 2009

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Comedy


Flint Lockwood (Hader) has wanted to be a scientist from the time he was a child.  His mother Fran (Lauren Graham) encouraged him, but she died when Flint was young.  Flint’s dad Brian (Caan) wants him to help him run the town’s sardine shop.  The town is part of an island, which earns its livelihood by selling sardines, but the world hates sardines, and the people of the town are forced to eat all the leftover sardines.  After many failures, like spray on shoes, Flint invents a machine that uses the moisture in weather to create food.  People in the town love the invention,  Mayor Shellbourne (Bruce Campbell) has an idea to make the tiny island town a tourist haven.

Flint is caught up in the fame, he has supplanted the town’s other star, Baby Brent (Andy Samberg) who is now an adult but still wears a diaper.  Flint also meets a cute weather girl Sam Sparks (Farris) with a real scientific nerdy interest in meteorology, which she tries to cover up.  Flint is so ecstatic that people like his weather food invention, that he doesn’t notice that his machine is getting dangerously overused, and the radiation is causing the food to become huge.  Dad Brian wants Flint to shut off the machine, but the suddenly fat mayor can’t get enough of the food frenzy.  Who does Flint listen to?

I’m torn over this movie, the relationship between Hader and Caan, is heartbreakingly true to life, but then it turns into a kids movie again, with Mr. T as a cop who for no reason at all hates Hader. Anna Farris’ character is another good one, a bright girl, who tries to dumb herself down to make herself more popular. The relationship between Farris and Hader is wonderful, he values her for her intelligence, not her looks, and she enjoys being intelligent for him.  But then it goes back to a kids movie, when Farris is forced to say that she “likes likes”  Flint.  Sandberg’s character is the best of all, an adult with a serious case of arrested development, trying to live off his childhood fame.  The animation is off and on, mostly shoddy cheap looking.  I know this is a kid’s book, but the worst thing you can do for a kid is talk down to them, and the adults who accompany them to the movies.

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs… Left Me Hungry for a better movie…





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