Movie Review: 500 Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon Levitt, Zooey Deschanel) 2009

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Comedy, Romance

Tom (Levitt) works in a greeting card company, he really wants to be an architect.  Tom also believes that he is destined to meet “The One”, the girl whose love will change his life forever.  Summer (Deschanel) is the new assistant at Tom’s company.  She doesn’t believe in love, and doesn’t want a boyfriend.  Through a mutual love of the Smiths, and a chance meeting at a karaoke bar, Tom and Summer start to live together.  Tom is over the moon in love with Summer, Summer on the other hand, has mixed feelings at best.  Summer starts to tell him her dreams, and sleeps with him, but insists they are just friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend.  They fight, they make up, and finally they break up.  Tom wants desperately to win Summer back?  Will he get his chance at a former co-worker’s wedding?

I did not like this movie.  Let me count the ways that this movie seemed like amateur hour to me as far as moviemaking goes.  The first thing the viewers hear is a voiceover.  That means someone is going to explain the movie to me, how wonderful.  Secondly, Tom has a sister, who’s about 12, who gives him relationship advice.  I hate when moviemakers make children wise beyond their years.  Kids don’t know anything about adult relationships.  Third, Tom’s friend says to Summer, “Tom likes you.”  I felt like I was in the 5th grade.  Fourth, things just happen out of the blue, to bring these two together and then make them fight or break them up.  A guy hits on Summer at a bar, Tom hits him, Summer isn’t happy at Tom’s display of over protectiveness, they fight, they make up.  Then Tom randomly meets Summer on a train when they are both going to the same wedding, that would never happen in real life, but it does in this movie to move the plot along.  Also, if people fight this much when they’re dating, it just gets worse if they ever get married, trust me. Yet Tom holds out hope.  And for all the talk of honesty in this movie, no one is honest to anyone.  Tom is not honest to Summer about his love for Summer, Summer is not honest about her feelings or lack thereof for Tom.  The mood of this movie is downright glum at times, that makes it hardly enjoyable.  The ending seems tacked on and phony, which makes all the talk about honesty all the more disingenuous.

I like Zooey Deschanel, but in this movie she was a little too downcast, a little too unlikable.  Joseph Gordon Levitt deserves better than this clunky romance.  I still remember him as Tommy on 3rd Rock From The Sun.  He was an endearing kid on tv then, he’s an annoying young adult here.

500 Days of Summer.  Headed for a fall.

  1. arena23 says:

    Great review! Brilliant vocabulary and tone 🙂
    Check out mine!
    All the best x

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