Movie Review: 21 Jump Street (2012)

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Comedy

21 Jump Street


Two high school misfits, join an elite police squad headquartered in an abandoned church.  Schmidt (Jonah Hill) was a social pariah, a chubby guy obsessed with Eminem, and the only member of the high school Juggling Society.  Jenko (Channing Tatum) is the opposite in high school, handsome, popular, but academically dim-witted.  They didn’t like each other in high school, but now are picked by Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), to break up a high school drug ring.  Eric Molson (Dave Franco) is selling the drugs, but Schmidt and Jenko still have to find the suppliers.   Do they find the suppliers before their cover gets blown?

This is perhaps the worst movie I’ve ever seen.  Three scenes at least, illustrate this point.  Schmidt is praying in the church/headquarters of Jump Street, and he starts the prayer, “Korean Jesus…”  First of  all that’s demeaning to Christians, I would expect no less from Hollywood, secondly it’s demeaning to Koreans, whether they are Christian or not. The second embarrassment of a scene took place when Schmidt and Jenko are trying to make each other vomit after ingesting the drugs, while a janitor looks on.  The third such scene is after Schmidt takes the drugs, he sings a truly awful version of a Peter Pan song.  There are many such cringe inducing scenes, to list them all would take far too long.  The incessant  cursing is another sign of bad writing, when a character curses, instead of having meaningful dialogue, that means the screenwriter is not very good.  A cop buddy movie can either be very good (48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop) or very bad (The Other Guys, Starsky and Hutch, this movie) I should have known that I wouldn’t like this movie from the cast, Jonah Hill is at his annoying worst, I will say it again, Channing Tatum, should really consider being a house painter as a profession, because his acting skills are limited, to say the least.  Ice Cube is playing an angry black stereotype, and says as much, and the women are on screen to leer at.  To say this movie is juvenile is an insult to juveniles everywhere.  I consider it a minor miracle that the DVD froze an hour into this movie, thus preventing me from watching this catastrophe in its entirety.

Do not watch this movie.

21 Jump Street.  Jump off of a ledge rather than watch this odiferous pile of celluloid.

  1. Bula Bialczyk says:

    21 jump street is a classic tv series that i always watch. i also love the movie version…

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  2. Lots of people I know liked it, I did not. Hopefully you will find more movies you like on my blog!

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