Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray) 2009

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Animation, Comedy


Mr. Fox (Clooney) is a sly little fellow.  Twelve years ago, he promised his wife Mrs. Fox (Streep) that he would no longer hunt and kill chickens.  They had a son named Ash (Jason Schwartzman) and moved from a hole in the ground to a tree, and Mr. Fox has settled down to be a newspaper columnist.  Always scheming, Mr. Fox buys the tree located directly across from three farmers, Bean Bunce and Biggis.  Fox starts small with a friend Kylie the opossum (Wallace Wolodarky) and Fox’s nephew, Kristofferson (Eric Chase Anderson) taking a few chickens from Biggis, a few ducks from Bunce (Hugo Guiness) and some cider from Bean.  (Michael Gambon)  While all this is happening a rivalry develops between Ash and Kristofferson, Ash is jealous that his father takes Kristofferson on these adventures and not him.  The farmers not wanting to get burned again lie in wait for the animals to strike again.  Bean shoots Fox and wears his tail as a tie.  While Fox and his friends think they are safely underground in Badger’s (Murray) bunker,  Bean, Bunce and Biggis are relentless in their attempts to dig them out.  Ash and Kristofferson hatch a plan to get the tail back and Kristofferson gets himself kidnapped.  Will Fox come up with another master plan to save his nephew from the evil clutches of farmers Baggis, Bunce, and Bean?

This is a delightful film despite the cheesy overacting of George Clooney.  He delivers his lines with his usual deadpan voice, and gives Mr. Fox unnecessary flourishes, like a trademark tongue click and whistle.  To learn what real acting is, Clooney should listen to fellow actor Meryl Streep, who imbues Mrs Fox with an earnestness an honesty that rings true.  She doesn’t like the fact that Mr. Fox has lied to her about his chicken killing exploits, but she is attracted to the adventurous swashbuckling Mr. Fox at the same time.  Bill Murray adds his usual deft comedic touch, in fact director Wes Anderson has assembled his usual troupe of players Schwatzman, Murray, Owen Wilson, and others from his previous films, all who add some comedic dimension to this film.  The stop motion animation combined with more traditional yet manic animation magnifies the comedy.  In the middle of this mayhem, there is a happy little ditty written for the banjo, called “Petey’s Song” that tells the story of the three farmers and the fox while adding to the hilarity.  Fantastic Mr. Fox is a hip, understated comedy, but funny nonetheless. Michael Gambon, Hugo Guiness, and Robin Hurlston are very funny as Biggis Bunce and Bean.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.  A sly, comedic gem for adults.

  1. great review of a great movie. 🙂

  2. Thank you, I really liked the movie too. I guess that shows in my review.

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