Movie Review: Salt (Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber) 2010

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Action, Drama
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Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a national hero.    She is a CIA agent so loyal to the United States that she refuses to give up secrets even when tortured by the North Koreans.  Salt is now living in the US, with her scientist husband, Mike Krause (August Diehl)  Just when her life seems at her happiest, a Russian agent named Orlov (Daniel Olbrychschi) is arrested and brought in for questioning at CIA headquarters.  Orlov says that Salt is not a CIA agent at all, but one of a number of Russian sleeper agents, trained by Orlov himself to bring down American society from within.  The plan is for Salt to kill the Russian president, and then for the Russians to blame an American CIA agent for the political assassination.  Salt is not waiting to find out what the CIA thinks of Orlov’s story, she begins to run from the time Orlov fingers her as a double agent.  Now one of Salt’s biggest supporters, Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber) is tasked with capturing her.  Is Salt really a double agent, bent on destroying the US from within?  Or is there something deeper going on?

I liked this movie.  It’s not like the story of a rogue CIA agent hasn’t been told already, it has, most expertly in the Bourne series, but this movie has enough plot twists and turns to get the viewer involved and keep him or her guessing.  The difference here is Jolie. I do not think any other woman could have handled a role so heavily reliant on action, and she is a good enough actress, to play the role with enough nuance to make one wonder, is she a double agent or isn’t she?  Liev Schreiber gives a good supporting performance as Salt’s superior, he is involved in one of many plot twist that make the movie interesting.  This movie suffered only because it happened to be released a week after Inception, and Inception is one of the most intelligent movies ever written.  If not for Inception, this movie would have had a lot more buzz and a lot more box office, instead of being everyone’s second choice. There will most likely be a sequel thanks to some seemingly tacked on dialogue at the end of the movie.  No matter, if Jolie is in the sequel, I’ll go see it.

Salt,   Has plenty of flavor.


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