Movie Review: Land of the Lost (Will Ferrell,Anna Friel, Danny McBride) 2009

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Comedy


Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) has spent 50 million dollars of taxpayer money to investigating time warps. Until he builds a machine to take advantage of his knowledge of time warps, Marshall is something of a laughing stock.  In fact he is laughed off the Today show, and is reduced to becoming a high school science teacher, when he is visited by on Oxford drop-out named Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel) Holly has studied Marshall’s time travel theories and believes in them wholeheartedly, and inspired by her belief an him, Marshall builds a machine that allows him to travel back in time.  Now he has to find a place that can channel his machine’s energy into a time portal that Marshall and Holly can go through.  They find the time portal in a white trash water park, of sorts, run by a down on his luck hillbilly named Will Stanton (Danny McBride) Marsall Will and Holly actually travel back in time, where they befriend a pre-historic man boy named Chaka (Joma Taccone) Chaka seems to want to get Marshall eaten by a T-Rex, and mate with Holly.  Once in prehistoric times, Marshall gets a telepathic message from the Zarn (Leonard Nimoy a space alien who is being held hostage by the Sleestaks, lizard like creatures who are also trying to kill Marshall Will and Holly.  Will Marshall find his lost time machine and get back to his own time?  Is the Zarn a helpless victim or a cruel overlord bent on taking over the world?

This is Hollywood at it’s worst.  Take a bad tv show and make a bad movie with lots of special effects and little comedy or plot to be seen.  Land of the Lost was a bad 1970’s tv show, Sid and Marty Kroft appear to have been high on weed while creating their series, HR Puff N’ Stuff?  Land of the Lost?  These shows scarred whoever watched them.  If it was Will Ferrell, he should stop thinking he can remake tv shows into hit movies.  He should have stopped thinking that when he made Bewitched into a movie.  Will’s jerky know-it-all character is getting a little time worn too.  He is much better playing an innocent character as in Elf or Stranger Than Fiction. Anna Friel is like a low rent Minnie Driver who serves as a love interest for Ferrell and an object of lust for Chaka.  Danny McBride seems like a low rent Johnny Knoxville, if there is such a person.  Nobody will hear of these people after this movie, but Ferrell’s career can still be saved if he stops making mindless drivel like this.  Given his choices of roles lately, I’m not so sure if I’ll see a good movie from him for a long time.

Land of the Lost:  Don’t Find It.


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