Movie Review: The Ugly Truth: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter) 2009

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Comedy, Romance


Abby (Heigl) is a single tv news producer, on Sacramento who has no luck with men because of her controlling nature.  Abby comes home from another bad date to turn on the tv to see a sexist pig named Mike (Butler) giving advice about women to men on a public access show called “The Ugly Truth.”  Abby is so infuriated by this man that she calls his show and tells him off saying that the perfect man does exist and she will find him.  Lo and behold, Abby does find her perfect man in the form of Colin (Eric Winter), a handsome doctor who just moved in next door.  But alas, life is not all tea and skittles for Abby because the station execs have hired Mike to boost the ratings.  Mike starts giving Abby advice like dress sexier and play hard to get, and sure enough that bad advice from a loud-mouthed lout seems to work, Colin and Abby are starting to get close, but oh no, when Abby hears that Mike is taking another job in Los Angeles, does Abby suddenly realize she has feelings for Mike and not Colin? Does Mike have the same feelings for Abby?

Everything in this movie screams predictability.  Girl falls in love with perfect guy, and there another guy, who she can’t stand helping her win the guy of her dreams, guess what happens? A two year old could guess.  The doctor character is a stereotype, perfect in every way, sensitive and loving and kind.  Mike is a stereotype, boorish in every way, is the audience really supposed to believe that this guy has a heart or a brain for that matter?  And Abby, the one who’s supposed to have a brain, takes the advice of a Neanderthal and dresses up like a tart to impress a supposedly sensitive guy?  The whole premise is unbearably stupid.  Butler made a name for himself as a sensitive, nice guy in movies like Dear Frankie and PS I Love You.  Now he goes against type and it does not work.  Butler struggles mightily with his American accent and sounds like he’s gargling marbles half the time.  The writers apparently think they can stick Heigl in any R-rated movie, ad have her say or do anything, and everything will end up funny.  Well, that’s wrong, she absolutely embarrasses herself in a scene involving underwear. Her best movie role, without doubt was 27 Dresses, where she played a nice girl who gets his heart broken by her boss.  She plays a not so likable person here and there isn’t that much chemistry with mush mouthed Butler.  Saddest of all, this is written by 3 women.

The Ugly Truth  Pretty…bad.


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