TV Review: Entourage Season 1 (Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon) 2004

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Comedy




Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) is an actor on the verge of superstardom.  His agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven says the script he is reading will make Vincent the rising star he wants to be. Vincent’s friend Eric (Kevin Conelly) wants Vincent to turn down the role, and fire Ari.  Vincent’s brother Johnny (Kevin Dillon) seems to only be interested in playing golf, and his friend Turtle, (Jerry Ferrara ) wants to sleep with models who can’t spend time with Vincent.  Does Vincent turn down the role, does he fire Ari?

I don’t know what the big deal about this show is.  Piven is irritating; Dillon does an impression of his brother in There’s Something About Mary, and they guy who plays Turtle tries too hard to get laughs.  The show is mildly amusing, and this is the pilot, this is the show that sells the show to the network. Based on this show, all I can say is, how was this show ever picked up?


Episode 1:  The Review:  Eric lets Vincent read a lousy review of himself in Variety.  To make himself feel better, Vincent leases himself a Rolls, which gets Eric in trouble with Vincent’s business manager.  Ari tells Eric not to let Vincent read any more reviews, and Ari tells Johnny that he doesn’t have an agent in mind for him.  Jessica Alba feels sorry for Vincent after his bad review, and invites the entourage to her party for a virginal singer.  Will Vincent be her first?  Who will “christen” the Rolls?

This episode was a lot funnier than the pilot. The dialogue was a lot sharper, Ari’s dialogue with Johnny and Jessica Alba was funnier.  The business manager was funny.  Johnny reading the Vagina Monologues as a gender reversal exercise was hilarious.  I wish I had Jessica Alba taking pity on me after a rough day of work.  But that won’t happen, not in my line of work.


Episode 2:  The TV show: Ari books an appearance for Vince on the Jimmy Kimmel show to plug his movie Head On.  Much to his publicists’ Shauna’s (Debi Mazar) chagrin, Vince spends more of his time getting reacquainted with ex-girlfriend Sarah Foster in the green room than plugging his new movie.  Johnny has a score to settle with Kimmel , Johhny feels Kimmel  abandoned him after his star started to fade.  Eric gets re-acquainted with his ex-Kristen.  Does Johnny settle the score with Kimmel?  Does Vincent EVER plug his movie?

This episode wasn’t funny.  Even though Ari had some funny moments, Luke Wilson, and the usually very funny Sarah Silverman were both bland.  This is a very mercurial show, up and down, either very funny or not.  So far it’s more not funny than funny.



Episode 3:  Date Night:  Tonight is the premiere of Vincent’s newest movie “Head On” and everyone’s got a date.  Eric is taking Emily.  Johnny’s taking a girl with washboard abs, and Turtle’s taking a psychopath who posed naked in a picture for Vincent. Vincent’s taking the virginal pop star. The early box office reports aren’t good for “Head  On” as Ari tells Eric in a videoconference, but   Eric stays confident.  The boys decide to go to a club instead of  the movie premiere.  One by one the girls abandon them.  Psycho chick goes after Jason Bateman, Emily goes home after Ari shows up.  Virginal pop star goes home virginity in tact.   But does Ari have good box office news or bad for Vincent?

This was a funny episode, I like the interplay between Eric & Ari, there’s a genuine rivalry there.  I also got the first real sense of camaraderie when the boys were making fun of Johnny and his musclebound girlfriend.  That’s what guys do best when they are around one another.  They make fun of each other. Ari is a real classless jerk though, the way he tore into his wife in this episode, gave me an instant dislike for the character.  The writers didn’t have to make him that much of a jerkwad, but they did.

Episode 4:  The Script and the Sherpa.  Vincent is dating an annoying vegan, but the boys forget her annoying characteristics when they learn she can score some prime weed from a character named the Sherpa (Val Kilmer), a holdover from the 1960’s.  Vince wants to star in “Queens Boulevard” a gritty movie, but Ari tells Vince the producer if Queens Boulevard hates him.  Does Vince get the role?

This is another mediocre episode.  Val Kilmer plays a stereotypical hippie type.  The actress who plays Fiona plays a stereotypical new age vegan type.  And the resolution to the question asked above is pure sit-com crappola.


Episode 5:  Busey And the Beach :  Ari continues to ignore “Queens Boulevard” which has become Eric and Vincent’s pet project, because “Queens Boulevard” was pitched to them by Josh Weinstein, an ex assistant for Ari.  Does Ari start listening to Vince and Eric and pay attention to “Queens Boulevard?”  Turtle knocks down a statue by actor Gary Busey at an art exhibit.

This is not funny, it maybe inside Hollywood, it maybe what really goes on with agents and actors, but it simply isn’t funny.  Busey plays a caricature of himself, the last person you’d expect to see at an art exhibit.  Sure.  Not funny.


Episode 6:  The Scene:  Ari gets the rights to Queens Boulevard, there’s one hitch.  Vincent has to ok the director.  The director is Billy Walsh, indie superstar after one movie.  Billy and Vincent hit it off, but Billy doesn’t like Eric and the feeling is mutual.  And there’s one  more thing, Billy has inserted a gay scene in the movie.  That makes Vincent’s friends nervous, but Vincent is still intrigued.

More inside Hollywood stuff, not very funny, the director is pompous, he jerks Vincent around, he jerks Eric around and as the season goes forward, I find myself liking Ari more and Eric and Vincent less.  In fact the only guy who’s really likeable out of the Entourage is Johnny.  Vincent is a prima donna , Eric, who I thought was supposed to be sympathetic, is turning out to be a jerk, and Turtle is the kind of brainless witless boob, that everyone knows and no one wants to hang around.

Episode 7:  New York:   Vincent is going to NY to Film Queens Boulevard, and has to say goodbye to all his LA girlfriends.  Eric wants to get his agent status in writing with Vincent or he won’t go back to NY with him.  Turtle throws a goodbye party for Vincent, passes out cheap invitations and charges 10 bucks a head while Johnny tries out for CSI Minneapolis.  Will Eric stay in California?

The only funny part of this episode is the Johnny Drama audition, every other character besides Ari Gold is getting self important and self-righteous.  Who really cares if Eric stays or goes?  Not me.  And Vincent gets to talk to Scarlett Johansen, fun for him, not for me!



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