Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds (Brad Pitt, BJ Novak, Diane Kruger, Melanie Laurent)

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Drama
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In 1941, a dairy farmer is hiding Jews under his floorboards.  The dairy farmer is visited by Nazi colonel Hanz Landa. (Christoph Waltz) Landa lets a Jewish girl escape from the dairy farm, and live.  In 1945, in Nazi occupied France, the little girl named Shoshana (Melanie Laurent) has grown up to be the owner of a successful movie theater.

She is stalked by Fredrick Zoeller, (Daniel Bruhl) a hero to Nazis, who is besotted with Shoshanna. Zoeller is so famous for his role in one battle where he killed hundreds of Allied soldiers that German propagandist Joseph Goebbels wants to make a movie about Zoeller and his exploits And Goebbels wants to show the film in Shoshanna’s theater. Shoshana can’t stand Fredrick and has hatched a plan to blow up the theater with her boyfriend and kill as many Nazis as they can pack into the theater.  Lt Aldo Raine (Pitt) heads a group of Jewish American solders, called the Inglorious Basterds, who not only kill Nazis, they scalp Nazis.  The Basterds know about the gathering of the top Nazi brass through German double agent and actress, Briget Von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger) who is working with three Brits pretending to be Germam trying to infiltrate the propaganda movie premiere. The operation is codenamed Keno Raine finds out through Von Hammersmark that none other than Hitler will be at the theater, so Raine sends two of his men into the theater with bombs.  But guess who starts unraveling the details of Operation Keno? None other then Colonel Landa?  Does Colonel Landa kill ll the conspirators or does operation Keno succeed?

This is a fun movie, fast paced, action packed and bloody like most Tarantino films.  The first scene does drag a little, but that’s needed as part of the plot exposition.  Brad Pitt is as funny as I’ve seen him in anything, and the two women, Laurent and Kruger do star turns as integral characters to the plot.  The viewer really wonders are the many pots going to dovetail, or is it going to all blow up n the Allied soldiers faces.  OK the history is way off, there is no way the Nazis would put Hitler, Goring, Goebbels, and  others of the top brass all in the same room, but relax it’s a movie, not a documentary.  Much of the film is in German and French with subtitles and the subtitles moved a little fast even for me, and I read a lot of subtitles, but hearing people talk in their own languages adds to the authenticity of the film.  I also like how most of the anti Nazi group has something to do with the film industry. Von Hammersmark is an actor, Shoshanna runs a movie theater, her boyfriend is a projectionist, a nice touch.  This is easily Tarantino’s best work since Kill Bill 1.

Inglorious Basterds.  Glorious fun.


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