Movie Review: The Amazing Spider Man (2012)

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Drama

Amazing Spider_man


Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is a bookish science student, who lives with his Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen).  Peter is not popular with the ladies, but when he stops a bullying attack and gets beat up by a jock named Flash (Chris Zylka) He attracts the attention of the most popular girl in school named Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).  Peter becomes increasingly curious about his parents’ death, so much so that he gets an internship with Oscorp, where he meets his father’s assistant, Curt Connors. (Rhys Ifans) While at Oscorp, Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and dives into Dr. Connors research. Connors has one arm and is looking for a way to regenerate limbs in mice, the mathematically adept Peter provides a formula that facilitates the regeneration of limbs in mice and Dr. Connors has new hope for his severed arm.  Meanwhile, Peter’s uncle is shot and killed because Peter ignores a grocery store robbery. To assuage his guilt, Peter becomes a vigilante of sorts in a blue and red suit with a spider on it. Dr.  Connors research continues, but is threatened to be shut down by Norman Osborn’s assistant Rajit Ratha (irrfan Khan) so Dr. Connors rushes to try his regenerative serum on himself.  What happens to Dr. Connors?  Is Spider-man having any luck tracking down his uncle’s killer?

I liked the beginning of this movie, it’s initially an engaging story. Peter is a do-gooder, number crunching, scientific type.  His soon to be girlfriend works for Oscorp, and is smart and sassy.  There may be a conspiracy about how Peter’s parents died because of his father’s secret work in genetics, but as quickly as the conspiratorial whispers are hinted at, they are forgotten and another subplot is pushed to the forefront.  Then there’s the villain, if there’s a stupider villain than the one portrayed in this movie, I don’t remember one.  And this villain seemed to suck the life out this movie. The pacing is slow as it is, but after the reveal of the villain, I completely stopped caring. The movie soon degenerates into a slop-fest of chases and special effects, and even Emma Stone’s character is dumbed down into some kind of damsel in distress.  The problems with having such an A-list cast is that the expectations are too high.  Andrew Garfield is a little too laid back as Peter Parker, Tobey McGuire had an earnest intensity about his character, with a huge chip on his shoulder which all made the character more believable.  Sally Field seems to have one speed in her roles, and that’s  full throttle, but this role doesn’t require full throttle acting, Field needs to bring it down a few notches.  The same goes for Martin Sheen, he dispenses platitudes to Peter, but yells them. Sheen is much too intense, so in the case of this movie, the a-list cast over promises and under delivers.

The Amazing Spider Man. Bugged me.


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