Classic Movie Review: Blade Runner (Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Darryl Hannah, Sean Young) 1982

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Drama

blade runner


Rick Deckard (Ford) is a retired cop who has been recruited to kill four replicants, humanoid android robots who have already killed 22 people on a space barge on their way from a mining planet to earth.  The replicants are trying to infiltrate the Tyrell Corporation, and one of the replicants Leon, (Brion James) has already killed a cop name Holden (Morgan Paul) who was investigating this case.  These androids have been created by Dr. Tyrell (Joseph Turkell) for servitude and for human pleasure, but they only have a four year lifespan.   Tyrell has created a new replicant named Rachel (Sean Young) who he’s very proud of.  Rachel is convinced she is human. Deckard wants to test his machine, sort of a lie detector for replicants, and it takes him 100 questions to tell that Rachel is indeed a replicant. The lead replicant Roy Batty(Hauer)  and Leon have already tracked down one of their creators, Chew (James Hong) Chew tells the he can’t help, but says another creator named JF Sebastian (William Sanderson) can lead them to Tyrell.

Armed with his machine, Deckard starts to hunt the replicants down.  He tracks one named Zhora, a stripper (Joanna Cassidy) own and kills her during a chase.  Shortly after the chase, Deckard is cornered by Leon, but is shot by Rachel.  The fourth fugitive replicant, Pris (Hannah) finds JF Sebastian, and along with Roy convinces him to take them to see their ultimate creator, Dr Tyrell.  Can Tyrell help the replicants live longer?  Does Deckard kill Roy and Pris?  Is Deckard falling for Rachel?

This is a fascinating mix of movie genres, part science fiction, part film noire, a detective story with robot killers and even a robotic femme fatale.  Harrison Ford plays a character that viewers will instantly recognize, surly cynical detective Deckard. Viewers have seen this character from Ford before with Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but he plays these characters well, so it’s nice to see he hasn’t strayed far afield here.  The best acting on display here is not by Ford however, it’s by Rutger Hauer, who plays a very complex character in Roy, waxing poetic one minute, and howling from sheer terrifying lunacy the next.  The soliloquy Hauer gives in one of the final scenes is one of the most beautiful speeches in film.   Sean Young is surprisingly good as the vulnerable Rachel, she would have had a great career, but that Catwoman stunt cost her dearly.  The LA of 2019 is a dark and dreary place, adding to the noire feel, most of the scenes were shot at night. Congratulations to director Ridley Scott for creating a vicious post apocalyptic feel to this movie.  The only thing that bothered me was the ending, it didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the movie and was quite puzzling.

Blade Runner A cut above most films.



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