Movie Review: Jeff Who Lives At Home (2012)

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Comedy

jeff who lives at home

Jeff (Jason Segel) lives at home with his widowed mom, Sharon (Susan Sarandon)  Jeff obsesses over small things, thinking that these little things have big meaning in his life.  Jeff watches the movie Signs, over and over and is currently obsessed with the name Kevin.  Jeff’s brother Pat (Ed Helms) is married to Linda (Judy Greer) Linda is saving so she and Pat can move out of their apartment.  Instead of saving for the house, Pat buys a new Porsche Boxter.  Suffice to say Linda is not happy with Pat’s decision.  Jeff follows a guy named Kevin off of a bus only to get into a fight with his friends.  Pat and Jeff meet at Hooters, where Pat decides to show off the Porsche to Jeff.  While showing off the Porsche to Jeff he wrecks it, by smashing it into a tree.  Pat is convinced that Linda is having an affair, so he starts following her, Pat tells Jeff to follow Linda into a restarant where she is having lunch with a guy named Steve.(Steve Zissis)  Pat and Jeff continue to follow her to a hotel, room, where Linda is again with Steve.   Meanwhile, Sharon is getting flirty text messages at work, from someone at work.  She tries to find out who is sending her the messages, but she can only find out that the messages are indeed from someone who she works with.  Does she find out who?  Does Pat confront Linda about meeting Steve in a hotel room?  Does Jeff find his destiny by following guys named Kevin?

I wanted to like this movie, but it wasn’t nearly funny enough on any level for me to like it.  The story seems to meander aimlessly based on a bunch of random coincidences.  The whole story seems random to me with nothing really propelling it from one scene to the next.  Also, the story takes itself much too seriously to be a comedy.  I understand, Jeff, Sharon and Pat, are all looking for happiness since Sharon’s husband died, and they all are trying to find it in their own way.   But even the resolution of each character’s conflict didn’t bring me any satisfaction.  Here’s why:  The characters are all characters we’ve seen before, the aimless slacker, the overbearing jerk, awaiting his comeuppance, and the lonely/bored widow.  I really like Jason Segel, but he didn’t really bring anything new to the role.  Ed Helms basically plays the same passive aggressive role he plays in The Office, with an extra helping of jerk added in.  Susan Sarandon looked uninterested in her role as nagging mom, and potential love interest. It’s too bad that it wasn’t funnier or more linear, but it needed something that was missing.

Jeff Who Lives At Home: The Lights Are Off And Nobody’s Home.


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