Movie Review: Win Win (2011)

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Drama

win win

Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is a lawyer who specializes in cases for the elderly.  He is also the coach for a struggling wrestling team. Mike’s caseload has been drying up lately, but then he discovers a case of a man named Leo Poplar (Burt Young) who needs a legal guardian.  The court will pay the guardian 1,500 dollars a month to take care of Mr. Poplar.  Mike sees an opportunity to save his floundering practice.  He applies for guardianship and wins, much to the chagrin of Mike’s wife, Jackie (Amy Ryan).   All Mike has to do is keep Mr. Poplar in the nursing home and collect money for his practice.  One day outside Mr. Poplar’s home Mike sees Kyle (Alex Shaffer)  Mr. Poplar’s grandson.  Kyle to live with his grandfather, but Mr. Poplar is living in a nursing home.   Mike wants to dump Kyle on his mother, but he can’t find her.  As luck would have it, Kyle is a great wrestler who turns Mike’s struggling team around and takes them to them to the state finals.  Just when all is going well for Mike, Kyle’s mother, Cindy (Melanie Lynsky) show’s up and wants her father and Kyle to move back with her.  Does Mike lose guardianship of Mr. Poplar, and lose Kyle’s wrestling skills at the same time?  Does Kyle find out that Mike is keeping Mr. Poplar in a nursing home for financial gain?

I didn’t like this movie.  The movie tries to be a dramady, that’s a combination of a drama and a comedy.  The problem is it is not funny, not funny at all, I didn’t laugh once, and the problem with the drama is that I didn’t care at all for these characters.  Mike is using Mr. Poplar for a paycheck, he is using Kyle for his wrestling skills, why should I care for this character?  The wrestling scenes are not inspiring enough for me to care either, so basically Win Win is a boring, uninspiring wrestling movie.  Paul Giamatti plays his usual sad sack character, I’m tired of seeing him play the same guy over and over again.  Amy Ryan plays the same wise cracking character that she plays in The Office, none of her wisecracks are funny.  Alex Shaffer looks and sounds like a burnout, how can I root for someone like that?  I can’t.

Win, Win.  Lose. Lose.


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